Want some Coffee??

How about some Orange Elephants to power your day? No? Why ever not??!

Don’t feel bad. I have asked myself for a very long time -why- I suddenly had an obsession with elephants, and not just any elephants but rather Orange ones. Rewind about three years, I moved into a third-floor remodeled attic apartment with a great view, orange shag carpet, and orange counter tops. I was not at this point a very large fan of color. Even my wardrobe was subdued with burgundy, forest green, and black.

Frustrated with finding a paint-color that would go decently with orange-shag, dark wood paneling, and the 1980’s greenish-teal molding/doors I finally settled on a burnt pumpkiny orange. It really did work, and it contrasted nicely with my sage/army green backslash that wound up looking like impressionistic foliage.

I bought a sage-green couch with pillows that just happened to have elephants and a safari theme. When my friends came over within the first month of having this living room done, we realized a gift I’d been given the previous Christmas would match the room. It was a tapestry with tons of elephants, in colors like burgundy, and orange, repeated over and over on this black hanging. [Really preety!] I do believe someone said, “Great, now your room is filled with Orange, and Elephants.” All I really know is that suddenly I was joking with them about how elephants should always be orange.

I have since moved out to the first floor. I still adore Orange Elephants, there is just something cheerful about the thought even if it is silly. I have also [since my exposure to warm bright colors like orange] found more colors seeping into my everyday life and wardrobe [read bright, normally obnoxious colors which my friends say most people look horrid in.]. Orange is now a favorite color. As a side note, my friends assure me my use of color when applied to my own wardrobe does not look bad. Maybe it is because I am eccentric that I can manage to make Teal, Orange, and [not using any specific example] Pinks… all look good, at the same exact time.

I am powered by “Orange Elephants” & “Coffee” thus, the Title…..


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