“You Slay Me”

The wonderful people of Shelfari.com helped me narrow down my list of “to reads” via the “Should I read this function.” Since it was my first time using that feature I selected nine or so of the 50 books I was intrested in and hit the “Should I?” button.

I asked on tuesday, and I closed the request on three books by thursday [and still got more responses to my notes-page]. Bitten by Kelly Armstrong won the polls easily [25 yes], Dead Witch Walking by Kim Harrison came in a close second [18 yes], and opened wensday and closed thursday was You Slay me by Katie MacAllister [12 yes]… Given that these garnered so many responses in such a few days I went ahead and bought them all during my weekly “Friday-BarnesN’Nobles-Coffee-Addict-First-Purchase-after-cashing-a-paycheck-Trip.”

Knowing I wouldn’t have a TON of time, [who would when they get home and then have to go right back out to get their Niece’s ears pierced, and hang out shopping with the new-grandma for a few hours.] I chose the You Slay Me, as my first read… By the time I got home I knew I would have less time that I wanted. I had to sleep early [book forced “early” to mean 3am] even then I wasn’t finished. Woke up at 6 and went to the Corning Museum of Glass [fun trip more on that when my brain is working again]…

At any rate, I read, and finished the book. Partly before passing out friday, and partly in the car to and from the trip. It was an enjoyable and easy read as I had expected it to be. A small part of me wishes she had done more with it. There was so much more room to finish things out and give a reader a bit more… The steam-level was relatively low but still good, and there wasn’t as much tension between the Main character and the “gorgeous guy” as I would have liked.

In fact Drake [this books gorgeous guy] didn’t get a ton of show-time at all. He did make an impression though, as did other secondary characters. In fact, one of my favorites would be the all-time sidekick Jim, a demon-newfoundland-dog. Most books I’ve read recently toss “sidekick” to the role of [Insert Gorgeous Guy], so in a way it was entirely refreshing having a talking-dog [and oh man I would hate having a dog like this] as the main support character.

All in all, while the steam was a bit low, and while I think there could have been more showtime for certain characters, and more time to expand the book in general. I think what IS here, is preety good. Not at all dissapointing since I was looking for something to read while my brain was mush… It’s easy to get through and I now have memorable phrases like “You have a face that would blow off the cover of a manhole” in french [note: I hate strongly-dislike french!] and I will certainly be getting the second book.


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