…Way back when [late winter or early spring perhaps?] I bought a Microsoft Sidewinder mouse. Truthfully, I think my guy bought it because I bugged him. He of course had a 110$ mouse, brand new, so… why shouldn’t I have a really expensive mouse too!? I didn’t really think I needed an expensive mouse like that, it just looked preety… -_- [yes, thats about as far as my internal reasoning went for selecting the sidewinder] Yes, I played video games, yes I was a geek, and yes, I did think having a nice mouse would be nice for a change…

I figure its been almost a year, and today… I really wish I had that mouse with me. Tedious, and careful re-drawing of art work, i tend to do on my ultra-cool super-preety super-expensive and super-great laptop. For the past week or so, Howard [my guy] has been “borrowing it” to work in Flash. So its usually here before I am… Thursday I complained my hand was cramping and he gave me my mouse… Friday, it was hooked up to the computer before I even got here [how thoughtful!]… Today, he is sick, at home. I forgot my lappy, and mouse… -_- My hang is cramping up on this tiny, 5$ mass-market mouse I have for work…

Thus why I am slacking so my hand/wrist will stop hurting…

Moral of the story, really expensive mice, are not just for geeks and gamers… They are essential to not killing your wrist/hand when using a computer for billions of hours a day…. [And they are great for artists working in the digital medium! precision ftw.]


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