I’m Dumbfounded.

Yes its true. I cannot fathom how stupid some things in life are.

I can walk into Barnes and Nobles, and purchase a brand new book with my member discount for 6.29$

I can purchase a “acceptable” used copy of the book for 1.99 + 3.99 Shipping and Handeling. Thats 5.89$ less than .40 cents cheaper than a New Copy, and it would take about a week to arrive.

I checked several “used” sites, ranging from 0.01$ per book, to 3$ per, they all shared a shipping of 3.99$ and higher… Which, makes it sensless since you can’t even buy “in bulk”

So my guy says “Why not get a Kindle?”
Hmm… lets think about this shall we?

  • Kindle is 359.00
  • You can’t trade, or resell your books. You can’t even loan them out to friends.
  • You have an electronic device rather than a shelf full of nice covers to boast about.
  • A Copy of the same book as I was looking at above is… 6.99$ and others easily get into 10.00$+

So, Why… am I looking at a Kindle? I have no idea… my goal here, is CHEAP… silly used bookstores closed, and well… my options seem to be — Barnes and Nobles — which as it turns out is so far, the best bang for my buck…


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