The Bottomless Pit.

I somehow managed to find time to read “Dead Witch Walking” by Kim Harrison, It is probably the most enjoyable book that I have read in the past few weeks outside of “Wraith” and “Spectre” by Phaedra Weldon and “Court of The Air” by Stephen Hunt Which I haven’t quite finished yet.

My reading list has become quite the bottomless pit this week, as if it weren’t already. Kim Harrison has a way with words, and her world and writing style are exactly the type I admire. There were a few sections that make me wonder what else is in store for Rachel Morgan, and thus her next book is on my Friday List.

I picked up “Bitten” by Kelly Armstrong last night, and within the first chapter I found myself disappointed. Not because it was a bad book but because I have the sinking feeling that I have already read it. Given that I did buy the book, I will of course re-read it and refresh my brain about it. However given that I am coming down with the nasty head-cold my guy seems to be giving to everyone I think it will wait. I want to be able to give it the undivided non-sniffly-headed read it deserves. I did mark it as “read” on my list of Shelfari. I really wish the site had a “re-Read list” or a “slowly-reading” list or something like that.

To keep my current “reading” list uncluttered I have moved several books I purchased and haven’t popped open yet back to my “planning” list, and books like “Bitten” which I “think” I have read moved forward to “read”.

It seems I have quite the number of “longer in-depth reads” which will take me more time to finish. But, with a head-cold I really don’t feel up to the challenge. So I figured tonight I would go and pick up one of Mary Balogh’s Slighly Series. I know I own one, and have read at least two, but I do want to own them all. They also make for good light-reading when your sick. Either that or I will pick up the next Aisling Grey Book for the same reason.

Hopefully by Friday I will have kicked the cold and can delve into some of the better books on my list. Maybe even finish out Court of Air and Queen’s Bastard before I forget what happened in the first half of them.

Oh, and if anyone knows where I can pick up books for… well cheap… That would be a big help in filling in gaps of “books I have read but don’t own” on my shelf…


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