I feel like an empty tin can rattling around on pavement after being hit by a mac-truck coming out of hell.

I made it to work, but trying to focus on anything through this sinus cold is really difficult.

It got fairly bad last night too. I actually managed to get to the used book store yesterday. Bough 4 of the 5 books I was missing from the Mary Balogh Slightly series. Got 3 books that follow after “you slay me” by Katie Macallister. I also picked up Sebastian by Anne Bishop even though I read it before. The point of this was to give me easy reading to relax and beat my cold with… I felt so miserable by evening that I couldn’t even manage to get halfway through Slightly Scandalous. -_-

2.5 more hours of slacking and wishing I was back in bed and not dizzy or feeling sickish… and I didn’t bring a book. Wonderful.


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