Indemni is the answer.

Just something from a story I am working on:

Thanks to a certain bartender who knew just how to make someone comfortable I soon found myself warm from the inside out, and half cocked. I was also lounging with my upper-body relaxed against Baine’s chest, while my legs and feet were propped over the Fae’s lap. Baine plucked the newly refreshed mug that I’d deemed a god-send from my hands. He sniffed at it and then scowled while effectively pinning my giggling-pouting self in place so I wouldn’t get a-hold of it.

“Coffee, Baileys and Indemi? No wonder one glass was all it took.” He placed it as far from my reach as it could possibly get while still being on the table. It was probably a good thing too because at just that moment Adire walked in. Looking immaculate as always, his silver walking-cane tapping loudly as he crossed the room. He took one look at me, smoothed a hand over his graying goatee and opened his mouth to say something. Not that he was given half a chance to actually say anything. Both men suddenly raised their hands into the air in a gesture of surrender.

“Not me, you know making someone Fae-Drunk is illegal without all the proper forms.”

“Not me, you know its illegal to over-ride someones free-will without going through red-tape”

They spoke in perfect unison, the voices blending exotically as they professed their innocence. Adire raised one eyebrow and I giggled, then he turned toward the bartender. “Indemi, not illegal in any way shape or form.” The bartender supplied as if it would answer every question Adire could ever have, without even looking up from cleaning his bar. Adire made a little sound and turned back towards me, flashing a very bright light into my eyes abruptly. I think, I protested.


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