Front of the Line

Clouds, Sun, Hail, Rain, Sun; all within 2 hours. What a strange day.

Yes, I am at work. Just in-between projects at the moment, give someone five minutes and I am sure I will find myself swamped again. I’ve been a bit busy so I haven’t been posting here [how sad]. Sunday, I took my 7mo old niece, my best friend, and her 3yo son, up to a barn fest. [arts and crafts yay!] I don’t think I expected getting two children, two strollers, two diaper bags, two purses, and two cups of coffee on a bus would be that difficult.

For the second week in a row I went to the used bookstore. This past Wednesday I picked up: “The Good the Bad and the Undead” by Kim Harrison, I finished last night, and will wind up with the next book in the series during todays trip to B&N.

Yeah, I know I have a ton of other things on my shelf but thats the nice thing about used book stores, I don’t have to worry about only buying what I am going to read immediately. So I got “Maximum Ride” by James Patterson, “Scent of Shadows” and “Taste of Night” by Vicki Pettersson. I wonder if its a bad thing that the proprietor of the used book shop, already seems to have a good idea of what kind of books I am currently interested in reading. If I’d had more money, I would have walked out with a few more arm-loads. Sadly I had to keep in mind that A) I don’t have money, and B) Last weeks books are still on my shelf un-read!

Oh, “Stolen” and “Dime Store Magic” by Kelly Armstrong were also purchased, I arrived home to find that I had also read these already. I think, I may have already finished the entire series! Go Figure… Oh definatly well worth collecting anyway.

-_- I really do need to just sit back and finish what I already have… Kim Harrison is an exception, she can jump to the front of my book line anytime.


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