I’ve been playing a bit of Warhammer online lately. Having quit Pirates of the Burning sea, and Age of Conan I was a bit uneasy jumping into yet another new game. [My guy] and some of our friends from wow rolled on a “Core” rule-set server.  I however rolled on an “Open-RvR” server and joined up with the “OMG I’m Drunk” crew.

There were a few reasons for this. They were spanish while I was pirate in PotBS and they sunk my ships more than a few times, thereby gaining my respect. They were just that good, or I was just that bad, but seeing as how they were flipping servers one after another I will go with my first opinion. I ran into them again in AoC, wonder of wonders we wound up on the same server. Both of those games I was in the middle of free-for-all PvP… Towards the end of my wow-career as a priest I had started getting into PvP as well…

To be honest, I don’t think I can go back to PvE. So, you can see why I ended up where I am. Listening in on the OMG vent is quite… interesting. But once I rule out conversations about annoying players and frustrations with pugs and the who’s kicking who’s ass… the outlook for the game seems preety good. I heard the defense of the T4 keep was fun, once players showed up to defend, and the gate-bug not-withstanding, it seemed that there were TONS of people up there, and not a single lag-spike to be seen. Promising.

I have leveled to 12 so far, and its easy. I have my choice of standard quests, public quests, and RvR Scenarios… I had my fair share of kills, and deaths… The tier system is also interesting, starting next time i get on I move up to T2… The system leaves a lot of room to expand, since presumably you can just keep adding new tiers, or new zones in a tier… I haven’t run into many bugs myself, in fact, the only one I think I may have found is in a Public Quest, and the game play is otherwise smooth.

I’m enjoying it. I hope, when I make it to 40, the rest of the server hasn’t become bored with “end game” which if I understand correctly some folks are already exploring to some extent. Most of OMG is somewhere between 20 and 40 right now, not counting renown levels. I am a bit behind but, I don’t think that will be much of an issue as soon as I reach at least T4… I am already rank10 renown… YAY!

Sionri / Engineer / Dark Crag



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