I am in my office at the moment, trying to type with gloves on my hands. While warmer than the past few days the office -still- needs more work on the furnace [or someone nudging the little dial up past 65] but hey, thats just me.

I’ve spent quite a lot of time this week running around like I’d left my head somewhere five miles back. After signing off War Saturday night I wound up speaking with Lady J in regards to my costume for Halloween. Subsequently we spent a good portion of Sunday evening cooking baking and going over some idea’s. Those thoughts, did not come to fruition unfortunately. Monday after work I walked the mall three times, and stopped at five other stores. The entire shopping expedition for goggles and a mask, consumed 4 hours. During which I came away with absolutely nothing.

Then, I stopped by to see the mask my brother had found, it would work. By the time I  got home it was 9pm and I was exhausted. The next day I spent an equal amount of time shopping yet again [this time at lowes and michaels crafts] and then airbrushing the mask and sawing some PVC pipe in half with my  brother. I came home late, exhausted, cranky, and starving. I’d brought home dinner for howard, but nothing for myself [smart huh] He was content playing Fallout and I requested that we go to dennys later, but he was dragged off to WoW by Machina instead.

Yesterday, with my 35$ treasure trove of parts I sat down to assemble my “arts and crafts project” It was 11pm by the time I finished and my brother showed up for some help with the mask. I wound up only using about 15$ worth of the materials I bought, but between the time I spent hunting, shopping, and building. I am not sure they were worth it.

Because of this I have lost any time I thought I might have of playing WAR this week. I leave sometime this evening for Cleavland and will be there [laptop not included] until sometime on Saturday… On the other hand, my costume, should look F’n Awesome. If only I could figure out exactly what it is I am supposed to be. Steampunky? Cyberpunky? Herald of the Apocalypse? Since I don’t know for sure, I have dubbed the costume-project “Definition” as in, someone please define wtf this is because I’ve crossed so many wires in this venture that I lost track of reality.


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