Frying Pot Mayhem.

Ok, so when I cook I make some really wierd things. Like yesterday, I took a whole chicken, partially cooked it in a dutch oven to get the broth, to which i added more broth, finished baking the chicken and tossed the dutch oven with-broth on the stove with Daikon, turnip, Leeks, and uh red bell peppers. It somehow wound up tasting like cabbage and chicken and my polish grandmother would have been in her glory eating something like this… Tasted right up her way…

So Today, I wanted to make chili, except, I didn’t really want chili, I wanted tacos, but I don’t have taco-shells, and then I thought I wanted shepards pie… In short I was just really confused on what i should do with the beef… I made the broth, pulled out insta mashed potatoes, and the beef…

At this point I realized I had 3 potatoes about to go bad, so I chopped them all tiny-like, and tossed them in the cast-iron frying pan… Along with the beef… realizing i’d screwed up anything I’d been planning on I put away the insta-mashed, and just sort of stared at the broth before shrugging.

I added some chili-powder, crushed red pepper, pepper, salt, basil, oregano, thyme, and minced garlic to the pan. Then I tossed in my last orange bell pepper [no sense in letting it spoil] and the broth was used to keep it all from burning to the pan… then I realised my lettuce, feta and bread would also spoil soon… so, feta goes in the pan, and it all cooked up…

I mixed in the lettuce, more feta, and put it in a bowl and proceeded to stuff it into a pita, with some taco-bell fire sauce… So, what do we call it? Is it chili? or some wierd tex-mex? or a spicy-beefy-chili-greek-almost-taco? IDK!!! [just as a side note, there are no leftovers…]


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