The Non-Christmas Wish List

It really is depressing me, that i can’t think of anything to tell anyone I want for Christmas. I think there are lots of things I want, but very few of them can be bought by other people, or even for me. A lot of it I am still debating on.

Books [Bookworm/BN]-GiftCards
Shoe-Rack [something to put shoes on in the hallway]
Scarves… [yes, more scarves]

The only things I can really think of are summer items… not very practical Christmas gifts huh? A New Grill… A Sakura Tree… A Fireplace… A Patio/Porch Set… A Pool…

A new Entertainment center, something wood, interesting looking, long and low like a bench? Something from Pier One??? Decorative? Fits along that wall…

Pretty Things and Vacations make me happy…?

Well I want my bathroom ceiling, my kitchen painted, my house clean, the dining room paint finished, I want my back-room cleaned out, the basement sorted… Yeah…

Ok, So… I guess I am NOT the easiest person in the world to buy for. Why? Because I have most of what I want already and what’s left over isn’t easily asked for. So, here it is, my compendium of crazy things I thought I might -want-…

PS3 ION 299.99

Grid PS3 49.99

Grid PS3 or PC 49.99

Need For Speed Undercover PS3

Need For Speed Undercover PS3 or PC 59.99

So here’s the dilema, do I get them for the PS3? Or the PC? Since I have always had an issue with the console controllers being trickier than a keyboard I thought I wouldn’t mind having a Racing Wheel…Unfortunately, as seen below they are a bit… expensive. My guy thinks this is the perfect time to get one, via someone else. Why? Because even though I am arguing I won’t use it a TON, and there are only the 2 games right now. He thinks I spend enough time on racing games, to justify such an expensive object for my affections.

Rocketfish™ - Pro Wireless Racing Wheel for PlayStation 3 79.99

Rocketfish™ - Pro Wireless Racing Wheel for PlayStation 3 79.99

So, I liked Fable 1, and Fable 2 sounds great, sadly they have only made it for the XBOX360 so far. So, Unless I get an XBOX I can’t play it. Dilema huh? Well the XBOX is 199.99 at the very least, and the reviews for Fable2 aren’t all that promising… So, I think for now at least I will set that thought aside…

Prince of Persia PS3

Prince of Persia PS3

I liked Prince of Persia: Rival Swords, which is the Wii version of Price of Persia: The Two Thrones… I liked it, and actually FINISHED the game, because the having to move my arms and control it with the Wii was a rather fun and interesting thing. So, Now the question. “Prince of Persia” has just been realeased but its not on the Wii, will I still like it? I don’t know…..

Ok enough with the games, I am already playing WarhammerOnline, Left4Dead, I have to finish FallOut and find time to play Deadspace as well as rockband… Do I really NEED to ask for more games for christmas?

Propably not.

So whats next? I like to read… so Gift Certificates for the used book store or Barnes and Nobles are good.

Food is Good, Clothes are good but I really should get RID of some of my clothes before I get anymore… I just bought a “really cheap” pair of boots for myself because shoe shopping for me, is hard. IF I had the money THESE are the shoes I would KILL to own…

Desdemona 335.00

Desdemona 335.00

Lady Grey 335.00

Lady Grey 335.00

Kelly 265.00

Kelly 265.00

Yeah, I can reallly see someone buying me a few dozen pairs of Fluevog shoes…. To say the least, the rest of my style is just as crazy as those really awesome designer shoes. So fashion + me + christmas = really hard.

Home Decor? On a not-so-practical I have no idea where I would put it, and its expensive [note the following images are all handcrafted from around the world and over 100$ each…. thus why they are not on my list…] I only grabbed a FEW examples of things I MIGHT like, so this is NOT necessarily what I WANT.

Decorative Screen

Elephant Bench

Nifty Looking Chest...

Ahem… Yeah… Other impractical odds and ends [steampunk, rennassaince, ect] I like them, but when do I honestly get to wear any of the costume pieces I have already? Its nice to look at but I’ve run out of space…

Man…. I really DON’T have a Christmas list do I??? Damn my expensive tastes.


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