Merry Christmas

It’s Christmas Day now, and I am waiting to go have a yummy dinner over at my parents house.

We opened gifts on Christmas Eve, it has become a sort-of tradition the past few years to go to my extended-family’s christmas-eve dinner, and then go to my parents and open gifts there. Howard is very happy with what he got, I woke up this morning to find him crawling back into bed with his new iPod touch [My gift to him] and the Nintendo DS with DragonQuest [My parents gift to him] so he was listening to something that made him laugh while playing his game, between the shaking bed caused by silent laughing and the clicking of keys I was kinda-awake. I don’t know when he vanished but I somehow fell back asleep and slept until 1pm… Yikes. Poor guy is battling with the iPod at the moment, he accidently wiped 3 hours of time he spent transfering music… He also appears to really like his “super warm” sweater my mom got him.

As for me, I got to go get my gift from Howard, a Video-Camera yesterday before all the festivities. He’d origionally gotten me the one I thought I wanted and it turned out to be not so good. So now I have a cannon. It is really nice. I am happy with it. He felt bad because it was a gift which was never wrapped but since I wanted to capture my niece on her first christmas I made him let me keep it open. ^^

As for what I got yesterday, in the pile of boxes I got a whole TON of new sweaters… He gave me a really really really soft cuddly grey one, and an awesome teal-green turtley-necked one. My mother got me a long white one which Howard thinks looks like a house coat but I like it, I got a greenish one thats lighter but really nice looking. I got this tan one, which is just ‘different’ I don’t really know how I should explain what it looks like so I won’t try. Maybe later i will play dress-up and take lots of pictures. The one I am wearing right now is a sweater thats orange white and black, it looks very retro and is very long. I got a pair of brown leggings to go with it and I am wearing it as a dress ^_^… I also got some tank-tops and active-wear pants which will come in handy since I am taking Aikido now but don’t have a Gi[?] yet. Ah i also got a nice silverwear set and the cast-iron stove-top grill which reverses to a flat cooking surface and a BN gift card, and starbucks mochas!… I think thats it. No wait, from my extended family I got some nice bracelets, a funky-vase, earings, and a vintage christmas-tree bulb that has “humpty dumpty” on it. ^^

Next year, I need to get a christmas tree. So far I have the four tree-bulbs from them from two years ago [pier one and very nice] and the humpty dumpty one… I plan to claim a few of the even older hand-me downs that used to be my grandmothers from my mother. Then I will start collecting other wierd and random bulbs… No plain ones for me!! ^^ Now the question is do I want a “fake” tree or a “real” tree… I am sort of opposed to “cleaning up” so maybe a fake one, but the real ones smell sooo nice!!


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