It lives!!

It’s nice to have internet at work again. It’s been a bit slow here lately, now that the oh-so-wonderful Christmas rush that makes me want to pull out my hair over with. I’ve had a few things to get done, but not a whole lot. I was waiting and hoping the internet would be back up days ago that way I could work on a few “extra” art projects. Can’t do that at the moment. Waiting for art-approval on one thing and then I get to go see how fast I can push buttons.

In other news: I ended up getting the rocketfish racing wheel, I returned it almost instantly. It was certainly not what I expected with that kind of price tag. I’d have paid 20$ for it, maybe 30$ but thats pushing it. So I got the logitech GT Driving Force wheel instead. This one, was well worth the extra 80$… However, I am having a few regrets. Spending more than 150$ on a racing wheel seems silly considering that while I adore racing games, I really don’t play them terribly often… I might be able to justify 50$ or so, with how much I play but… Yes, I am worried that I quite simply won’t get my money’s worth out of it… /sigh… What a suck reason to have to return it. I think, if my recent paychecks hadn’t been so small I’d keep it just because it WORKED and WORKED WELL and so the people who made it deserve the money.

I can’t decide what to do first when I get home… Read OR Play Video Games [which I haven’t done in awhile] until this evenings Aikido session. OR do the mundane store-return-stuff/exchanges I need to do for things that didn’t fit, and spend the rest of my time wandering Barnes and Nobles.

Oh, and I’d really like to know where the hell I left my hat.


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