A whole lot of nothing.

I can’t recall why but earlier today I told my guy about a story I want to write. It was one of those random spontaneous thoughts.
We talked about it for awhile, and laughed. In a matter of 15 minutes or so the conversation was ended and I had a good idea of what the characters [or at least two of them] would be like.

I don’t really know if I will write it. Perhaps I will because it is so ironic. A story where a girl becomes a work-a-holic [50-60hrs a week] to support a lifestyle in which she never has to do anything for herself. She does things like hire someone to clean so she won’t have to waste her free time doing that. Eats out because cooking takes too much effort, and she gets her coffee at a cafe because its easier than making it herself.

I asked my guy what the other character should be like and he replied,
“A girl who works a normal job 30-40hrs a week, and does everything for herself.”

————– Well. I can certainly see how that story would wind up, it would be kinda cute to write. It would probably be short too. I think the worst part is that girl1 sounds a whole lot like myself. -_- Minus the whole work-a-holic thing. Even worse, is I know that if I wasn’t so lazy. Cooked, and made my own coffee at home [99% of the time rather than 50%] I’d be saving myself a whole lot of money, and thus could buy a lot more.

In fact I think that’s how the idea to write about a character who took that to the extreme came about. Because I wanted something really expensive over the summer, I stopped getting coffees/out-to-eats for a few weeks and zomg! I had the money saved up in record time. In fact, I think that’s the only purchase I’ve ever made that was expensive and I was able to pay in cash for.

Recently I was thinking about how I want things like a new TV [Hi-Def ftw!] thats about 1,000$, or a LCD Tablet also about 1,000$, and a new entertainment center would be sort of nice…

5$ for a latte multiplied by 5 days = 25$, and sometimes I get more than 5 a week. Then you can add in the little things, like impulse buys for books, snack food, fast food, magazines, and allll the other “oh its only 5$” or “oh its only 20$!” Before you know it, a good chunk of my paychecks is gone.

“I’ll never be able to save up that much!” Well Its a lie.

The truth is, when I know I want something I’ve proved I can save up money and get it. Usually in a fairly short amount of time.
$1000 still seems like a bit much though. It’s daunting. Things like 300$, sure I can do it. $150? Even better. Once the price tag gets higher than that it’s hard for me to focus on the goal long enough to not spend what I’ve already saved on something less expensive.

That and I really do like my latte’s.

Because of Christmas I have about 450$ in my bank. That’s the most I’ve -ever- had in my account at one time. I’ve been thinking about the TV, and the Tablet. So I am halfway to those goals. Even so, I almost bought an IPod Nano today just because I could. I mean the money’s there right? Well I didn’t. Maybe I should have because really if I forgo the IPod for the TV or Tablet, the why shouldn’t I forgo the TV and Tablet for a trip to Japan? -_- That’s what howard keeps saying anyway.

In 2008, June, I saved 450$ for a really nice bike. In Nov/Dec I saved enough to buy him an IPod Touch the 32gig version. So in a little less than 2 months, I saved $1000. A trip to japan, rough estimate in food/lodging/plane is about $4000. Not counting spending cash. Even though I am relying on him to save the majority, I still keep thinking “Well Spring of 2010 is so far away! Saving up 1000$ or 2000$ for the trip and letting it sit in my bank to rot for that long!?” -_-

A TV, Tablet, furniture… All that seems so much closer, and so much more solid, concrete and real. I think I still believe a trip to japan is a dream. I don’t think it would feel real enough to “actively save for” unless I was handed a ticket. -_- I am horrible.


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