What band have I seen Live the Most?

Mosh Pit, Mushroomhead<br /> Annual Halloween Show Oct 31 2008 Cleveland OH

Mosh Pit, Mushroomhead Annual Halloween Show Oct 31 2008 Cleveland OH This picture was taken from the Balcony at the Mushroomhead Annual Halloween Show... The older I get the more I like high "safe" perches...

Just a short while ago, My Boyfriend [Howard] and I were talking about what band we’ve seen the most live shows.

I’ve Traveled to a foreign country to see: Nightwish play in [Canada] — French Canadian crowds, are amazing. That place was absolutely packed and I swear I thought the balcony would fall off with so many people stamping in time to the music. Nothing at all like a show here at home. Oh, and Montreal is weird… Even so, I would brave the language difficulty and the strangeness all over again if it meant I got to be a part of a crowd like that again.

I’ve traveled the furthest to see: Evanescence play in [Kansas City, MO] — This was before they were “big” or “popular” I just happened to be in town that day and heard the show announced on the radio. ^^ My wonderful friend that I was visiting took me to see the show.

The biggest show I’ve been to: [K-Rock-a-Thon 2003] May have been the biggest, land-wise, there were I think 3 stages? I do remember I got liquid Latex painted on my body when I was there… But I think the recent [Mayhem-Fest 2008 Darien Lake NY] May have been just as big a show crammed into a much smaller space, with rocks everywhere But Dragonforce and Disturbed and Slipknot were worth it… The “Festivals” all sort of blur together after a while…

The most show’s I’ve seen by a local band: Cliudan, they play celtic music…

VII and Nero of Psyclone 9 hanging out after their set.

VII and Nero of Psyclone 9 hanging out after their set.

Memorable Opening-Bands:
Human Labs Factory [Cleveland OH Mushroomhead]
Psyclone 9 [Poughkeepsie NY Mushroomhead]

Memorable Shows:
Nighwish [Montreal Canada]
Nightwish [Chicago Illinois]
Nightwish [Poughkeepsie, NY]
Type O Negative / Lacuna Coil [NYC]
Mushroomhead Annual Halloween Show [Cleveland OH]
Evanescence [Kansas City MO]
Mushroomhead [Poughkeepsie, NY]

Mushroomhead On-Stage

Mushroomhead On-Stage, Picture Taken by Dersayliss

So what band have I seen the most?

-2003 K-Rock-A-Thon

-Poughkeepsie, NY Show’s [sometimes twice a year.]

-2008 Annual Halloween Show [Cleveland OH]
-I am sure there are other “fest’s” they have been to, that I was at as well. I just can’t remember.

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