Oh Noes!!!


I was editing one of my stories, “Dark Heart” to be exact. When I realized I wanted to re-arrange the order of chapters a bit, I cut one out and started reading back for where I wanted to really put it. On the way there I found some other edits, and at some point copied something else, which of course… erased the clip-board which of course means I lost the whole section I’d meant to move… I didn’t realize this until -after- I’d saved over my old file…

I wonder if there is some way to retrieve “copy” history on the computer… doubtful but I will have to look into it.


2 thoughts on “Oh Noes!!!

  1. Look into svn (subversion) or git. If you had the doc under svn you could revert back to your initial version in one click; plus you could see side-by-side the various versions of the document over time, and see the parts you added/changed/removed. HTH

    • realitysyndrome says:

      I actually use Open-Office, and have since started using the versioning function… I do need to look into some of the copy-board history things out there, just in case I forget again and copy over what I wanted/needed.

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