Pax and Blizzcon, Sickness, and Writers Block

I am still a bit depressed about loosing all that writing. I tried to re-write it but then I figured maybe its better to take the time now to consider how I want the sequence of events… and so I have hit a road block…

In other news today I think I am getting sick, since yesterday morning my throat has been sore and my tonsils are huge and I have a dull headache… I don’t feel physically tired or anything but the soreness is annoying. So, I am not sure if I should go to Aikido tonight or not? On one hand I feel “ok” so I should go, and if I don’t go then theres a chance I will be even worse wensday. Then I’d have missed 3 classess in a row. I think that would be sort of depressing too.

Also, [Howard] asked if it was ok to go to PAX and BlizzCon this year. At first I thought “no” because we’re trying to save for Japan. That hasn’t been terribly successful and two trips to the other side of the country could be very detrimental to our budget. On the other hand, they are both nice. I do want to go. I also did the calculations and with his sisters “friends discounts” at the airlines, and possibly sharing a hotel with friends… we’re looking at… maybe, 300$ per person, per trip. If not less… I think we can manage… ?


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