Mocha as a cure for a sore throat…

This evening despite feeling under the weather I still left home to go to Aikido Class.

Mocha as a Cure for a sore Throat?
First, a side trip to Barnes and Nobles: Starbucks to obtain a “Raspberry Mocha Latte” as per usual. From there I made my way to class while thinking…: Mocha’s and Latte’s are slightly different depending on where you order, and sometimes who makes it. Even in a mostly standardized chain like Starbucks you will still get someone who puts slightly more of this, or that into one. I have been going to the Starbucks on my way to Aikido because at the moment I like how they have been making it.

I like my mocha’s slightly thick, where you can still taste the warm rich espresso, with a hint of chocolate and raspberry.

Through some combination of flavorings/syrups/steamed-milk and whipped-cream the result is slightly thicker than a normal coffee or tea. Which tend to slide down your throat all nice and warm and then you have to keep drinking and drinking and drinking to keep your throat feeling good when its sore.

On the other hand a mocha made the way I like it, sticks slightly in your mouth, and to my astonishment coated my tonsils and throat. It was quite soothing and I didn’t have to drink it nearly as fast as I was glugging down the tea earlier.

That said, it worked wonderfully and I felt much improved by the time I arrived at Aikido.

So there I was chugging along, all is well and I was feeling fine, practice as usual. So far I’ve been quite lucky, sore muscles here and there since I started. That was to be expected since prior to joining Aikido in late December I had never been very physically active.

When I began I was concerned that eventually my knees, or ankle might give out and worry someone. Well it happened today, making this the fifth time total a knee of mine has suddenly collapsed with that painful ligament-popping sensation. This being the third such injury to my right knee.

[note: I asked the doctor about these reoccurring injuries when I was treated by a sports-medicine doctor for a severe sprained ankle. I was told, that there was a good chance my “ligaments and tendons” are “more stretchy” than a normal persons. Therefore, injuries like my ankle and knees may be common. The only thing I can really do other than initial treatment is to strengthen the muscles surrounding the weak and stretchy ligaments/tendons to keep them in place.]

Just so you don’t think I made a rash decision in starting a martial-art: The last time I hurt a knee was my left knee in July 07, and my left ankle September 07… I haven’t had a “severe” injury since, and started bike-riding again in June 08, and joined Aikido in December 08, when the inactivity was making me feel “weak” again. Currently it is my right knee, which hasn’t been hurt since sometime in 05 or 06…?

I swear to you that no one, not even myself did something that would have caused me to be injured. We were practicing something quite benign really. The partner places a hand on your back and you step forward and slightly to the side, then turn, and grab the other person / execute move. Quite simple and I’d done it many times without mishap. This particular time I stepped off to my right, and pop… thud… cringe in pain…

I am quite sure it was very audible because suddenly everyone was checking to see if I was all right. I wasn’t fine but I knew from experience that the pain would slowly fade to a dull ache and twinge. I didn’t cry, or even shout out I just took a few nice deep breaths and counted to ten… or twenty… next time I will count in Japanese.

So why does stepping a way I’ve stepped dozens if not hundreds of other times on a daily basis suddenly make my knee pop and give out as if it had been twisted?

I don’t know.

What I do know is that after being injured like this so often I can’t let it “freeze up” so after a moment I was able to move it again, sat out and applied ice, then made my way home and to wal-mart to get a knee brace. It’s something I should have gotten a long while ago. I know that although it doesn’t hurt right now, it will more than likely be swollen red and angry when I wake up tomorrow morning. It’s that whole inactivity/freezing-up thing.

Or I will wake myself up biting my lip in pain when I move in my sleep. There is a good chance even getting out of bed and walking around tomorrow might be difficult. So, a brace, should, hopefully assist in keeping the pain and chance of being weak down… I will be OK once I start moving and get it worked out, yes it will twinge and hurt, but I can put weight on it and move it… I should be able to do so tomorrow as well although it will be much worse than right now after a full 8 hours of sleep.

By Wednesday it should have healed and I should be walking normally. If so then I will go to class, albeit with the knee brace and I will be -very- careful and take it easy. The last thing I want is to worry my class-mates and Sensei.


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