Sore and Sick

I stayed home from work today for a number of reasons.

1) I felt like I was trying to swallow my tonsils, and my throat was killing me.
2) I felt generally under-the-weather with all these sick-induced body aches.
3) I slept on my neck wrong {possibly because I was trying -not- to move my knee?}
4) Getting out of bed to call work was insanely difficult. I’d have needed an extra hour to get ready if I hadn’t felt so sick already.

So I rested the day away. I still feel sick, but my knee isn’t nearly as bad as I thought it would be. Its not swollen, not red, its tender on the inside and on the top. I can carefully extend my leg completely and bend it at least into a sitting-position. Any further than that and it starts hurting again {I don’t see myself sitting in seiza for awhile yet}…

I suspect that there is a possibility my being in Aikido actually kept the injury from being worse than it is. For one, when it popped and I started to fall I didn’t tense or lock up, or try to prevent the fall. I didn’t land awkwardly like I’d have landed previously. No, I didn’t land in one of the ‘nice’ falls I’d been doing so often but I think I came close enough to one that I am impressed with myself. Not that I really had any say in how I fell or landed since it happened so fast anyway…. >.>

To be on the safe side I have my annual physical scheduled for Monday so I called the doctor to let him know that I’d hurt the knee. This is actually the first time I’ve had insurance when one of these knee-injuries happened so I figured it might be a good idea to figure out what is going on more specifically than a doctor saying “oh you just have stretchy ligaments”… I was prepared to wait until Monday, after all I had stressed I was fine. I can walk, not swollen, just, tender stiff and sore… They want to see me tomorrow at 10:15 anyway…


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