34 more minutes until this birthday is over…

I am officially twenty-six years old today. Born Febuary 25th 1983 at 10:31pm at 6lb 8oz…

It was all in all a rather laid back and un-eventful day. I woke up late for my doctors-apointment, and was then told. “Well its more than likely nothing more than stretchy ligaments, so we want you to do some PT as a prevention-mesure, BUT we want you to go see this orthopedic specialist, oh and by the way, the ortho-doctor wants an x-ray.”


My knee isn’t/wasn’t swollen, -nothing- they did in the office caused me pain, so why do I need an x-ray? “It might show if the cartilage is compressed, bones aren’t where they should be, arthritis, and a few other indicators for stuff” is what I was told. Sure, milk my poor poor insurance company for every last penny while you can right?

Work was un-eventful albeit I was buried early on because I wasn’t there yesterday.

My sister and mother wished me a happy birthday, as did many of my online contacts and co-workers who knew.

Howard came home with a new “Imagine FX” Magazine for me, and Prince of Persia for the PS3 and coffee. I really need a new TV I have to sit so close just to read anything! Granted, my tv is currently some 4 or 5 year old outdated clunkers. We’ve been putting off buying one hoping that the 1080i LCD’s would come down in price. However, we both more or less agree that we will get the nice expensive TV -after- japan. So for right now, I’d settle with a 780p, something like 300$ if i can find it.

That said I was completely sucked into the game until just now, which makes 5 hours? I wasn’t sure it would be quite as enjoyable as the first Prince game I played. [Twin-Swords Wii Version] half the fun in that was the moving-my-arms thing. This however did prove to be good. I have to say I love the by-play between the two characters -and- the dialog made me laugh too many times.

I still need to find AaliyaNora a babysitter so we can go out to eat tomorrow… Guess I should cross my fingers.

ps. 22min until it’s over.


One thought on “34 more minutes until this birthday is over…

  1. OMG I didn’t realize… Happy Birthday !!!!!(*) Seems like the day went fine once you got past the doctors (which is quite normal). Since my happy birthday comes a day late, well, you should get another good day today ! And tomorrow, and the day after, and so on. A thousand awesome days for you. And then a thousand more. But in-between there will be a trip to Japan which will be more awesome than awesome.

    (*) “Multiple exclamation marks are a sure sign of a diseased mind.” — Uncle PTerry

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