Waking Up? Early?

Based on this article in the Wired Blog “10 Geeky Tricks for getting out of Bed.”

1. Go to bed when you’re tired.

I do, but what happens when I don’t get tired? or when my body is tired beyond belief but my brain just keeps on rolling?

2. Pick out clothes the night before.

I try? I don’t remember to do this early enough to not have to turn on the lights after [howard] is already sleeping so I usually just grab the first thing I see.

3. Program your coffee maker.

Ah yes, when [howard] was programming my coffee for me… /tear.

4. Set your alarm. Across the room.

It is, I have the ability to silence a snooze bar if its nearby, and the ability to sleep through it if its far away. How talented is that!

5. Put a glass of water next to your alarm.

Have you ever tried drinking city-water after its been sitting out warm for a few hours? I don’t recommend it.

6. Have a good reason for being up early.

Yeah that does work. ie: biking [when its warm] wanting to mess around in a garden [when its warm] wanting to check my email/ponder-the-internet/play-a-video-game… Yeah I’d love to! Except, I really can’t use howards computer efficiently in the AM and I can’t/won’t install any of -my- programs on -his-machine so I don’t always have what I want. i would use mine, but he began to borrow it a few months back, taking it to work very very early. So now, if I wake up early with nothing to do [no appointments, babysitting, ect] then I usually just sit on the couch and start falling asleep again.

7. Have a well-stocked “library.”

If I read in the bathroom, I’d never leave. If I read in the morning at all I’d loose track of time. Period.

8. Do something active.

Back to that whole thing, active is great, if/when it’s “Warm” outside. A CNY winter is nowhere near warm.

9. Spend some time thinking.

If my brain is functioning at all, then it will wander around aimlessly, until it lands on something. When it does, I want to do said something. Be it art, reading, writing, certain video game, or rough out a concept, talk about it. Problems, I’d loose track of time depending on the activity.

10. Write something down.

I don’t use a real pen and paper anymore for writing… so, it goes back to lack of laptop?


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