Old Fashioned Typies!

I read an article on netbooks and said “you know, they really are affordable maybe I should get one because it’s much lighter than my current for if i am just writing or reading a book”

Howard voted that if i were spending 250$ on a netbook I should just get a Kindle…

Now I have a issue with kindle, you need to “buy” each book at only cents cheaper than the actual printed copy. If the kindle breaks/gets-old/discontinued some time in the future I will loose everything. Just like a hard-drive crash.

Printed books on the other hand, will only get lost if the cat eats them, my sofa swallows them, or someone tosses them into a fire. I’d much rather have book-shelves packed than a possibly-unreliable and expensive piece of equipment.

Yes, they are stylish. I will admit that much.

A Old-Fashined Typwriter is stylish… But, not terribly efficient and the papers you type up can get lost easily…

To me, Kindle is the same thing albeit much more future-techie. Maybe in a few more years it will become worth it. [if they implemented a library system that’s pay-per-month for all-you-can-read then hells yes I’d buy it.]

Note: I love type-writers, one of my first words was ‘tie-pie-per’ and as a child I destroyed whole loads of paper just making it click and clang and such…

Secondary Note: Old-Fashioned Types are much more affordable and for a “stylish if not useful” purchase. Thus, I might get one just to have around.

“Read More” for Original conversation and some Extra Notes


1:27 AM me: maybe i will buy my mother a pink netbook
you think she’d like one?
1:28 AM i was thinking of one for myself, but i cant find one under 200$ so it makes it a bit pointless lol
howard: Mmm
Nikari is a merloc
1:29 AM me: ah i see…
howard: Really I’m not sure your mom would like it
1:30 AM me: why not? its tiny, and light… does email and basic internet
and its cheap enough that i can find her one, and if she doesn’t like it use it for myself when i don’t feel like dragging this monster out to play a game
howard: It wins on cuteness
But she didn’t even use your laptop when she hasd it
1:31 AM me: because you had to constantly plug it in, and she complained it was heavy-ish
a net book to my understanding doesn’t need to be plugged in all that much
your propably right though
1:32 AM i think i will get one if i find one on sale though
99% of the time I’m just browsing the internet and writing.
1:33 AM small enough to comfortably read a book on too… and about the same cost as a kidnle
1:34 AM actually its about 100$ less
howard: Mmm
me: its just an idle passing thought though
1:35 AM doubt i’d buy one unless it was on sale for like 150-170
howard: Kindle would be neat for you cause you can get books anywhere you have a cell connection
100 bucks and.a kindle would be the device to have
me: yeah, BUT i have to PAY for the books
if i am going to PAY for the books I’d much rather have the ACTUAL printed version
howard: Yeah that too s>>
1:36 AM me: something a bit more classic about a printed book that still appeals to me if i have to pay for them
IF kindle did a library thing, where it gave you a book for awhile on a monthly subscrition and kept track of what you read and didn’t read [like a netflicks/gamefly type thing] THEN i’d say HELL YEAH!
1:37 AM howard: Yeah
1:38 AM me: because 15$ a month, if i finish, say 5 books, then its a little over 3$ a book… but the cost of kindle books right now is only like 50 cents cheaper than a printed copy
and if the kindle breaks, or gets old, poof… gone
the only way i loose printed books is if the cats eat them, they fall in the couch, or someone throws them in a fire
1:41 AM howard: Yeah
me: still too many faults for a kindle to be worth it in my opinion, yes its stylish, but thats not enough for me
1:42 AM an old-fashioned typewriter is stylish, but it’s not efficient for my purposes… so why would I get one? well, it could sit on my desk and take up space I suppose…
1:44 AM howard: /true
1:45 AM me: [granted, a old fashioned typie is much cheaper and therefore much more ammenable to the budget of soley “stylish” purchases]
1:47 AM howard: Hehe
1:50 AM Not a bad idea /ponder
me: <3 old-fashioned typies

howard: I got you to 71!
1:51 AM me: yay?
1:52 AM howard: /cheer
me: i feel like i should be saying grats, but then i start feeling the opressive weight of expectation for every number that gets added to the last until the sum reaches 80 at which point my heart will be chained in stone and sunk to the bottom of a sea as I will feel obligated to make you happy after all that effort.
howard: Noooo
1:53 AM You don’t have to play love, if you don’t I can still have fun with nikari
And she’ll be there if you want ^^

Howard is currently dual-boxes using my abandoned WoW account which I haven’t played since shortly after Burning Crusades release [2 years?] I am not sure if I believe that he doesn’t expect me to start playing again if he gets me to 80… He knows how much I hate leveling, but I am really not enthused with WoW anymore…


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