Crash Landing…

While I love the internet, it just keeps getting bigger and bigger. We call it a ‘web’ and I suppose you can say it’s a lot like a spiders web where if you start from one point you just keep meandering along on a pseudo-trail until you wind up at point z a few hours later.

/begin strange metaphorical-rant

Sometimes, you get hit by a high-speed train while perusing. You brain gets rattled around a bit, and suddenly your on a completely different track. You might have even been hit so hard that: you didn’t know you’d been hit, or that you’d switched tracks, nor that you’d forgotten you were supposed to be looking for something, or perhaps you forgot what it is you were looking for?

/end strange metaphorical-rant that had no real purpose

I have a domain/website which isn’t doing much other than acting as a link-portal and art-display, I have a word-press blog [obviously], a face-book, a flickr, a dusty-old-detested my-space, and now introducing… my twitter? Oh, and you can’t forget the google reader where I started putting my “subscriptions” when I figured out trying to keep up with all the websites I was finding was too difficult…

Over the past few days I have been frustrated trying to find a way to “slim-down” how many buttons/links i need to press to check up on things.

— In short, amazing.
— I got all my websites/rss feeds into there and sorted. It suggested a few more.
— Not to mention you can “share/broadcast” articles you find interesting to your Google friends. [Now if I could find a way to broadcast to my website, or blog… it would be much more awesome. OR a way to make google-reader pretty…]
— The iKnow journals broadcast RSS so that can go in here too.
— The twitter RSS doesn’t work?

Now, all I need is some way to efficiently update myself…
— Blog: for rants, ramblings, and long-winded mutterings.
— Google-Reader: for when I see some nifty article… [problem, I see too much I’d like to share/comment on…/sigh]
— twitter: …….I haven’t quite figured this out yet, I got it more-or-less because its sometimes interesting reading what other people are doing… Not to mention if/when I travel, SMS updates are kinda cool…

Now if I can somehow unite all of these different things on one page… /sigh… all right with a bit more digging I could find something… BUT, it won’t be what I want…

A “Crash Pad” as I have taken to calling it, [a place where everything about me, of mine, for me, feeds from places ect ect ect: winds up] would first and foremost have to be functional. That will pacify me. It won’t however thrill me, and I will always whine and pace in a circle until I can figure out something better. if its “MY” crash-pad then it should fit with “MY” aesthetic style.

heaps and piles of stuff?: awesome.
stupid page cluttered with square block-boxes [widget-looking-things]: not so great.
rapidly-changed based on the artistic-impression I am going for at the time?: awesome.
The ability to write text, decoratively in a post. [ie: On a curve]
Or the ability to use fonts without needing them to embed [or be placed in a picture]

good gods, half of this stuff I -want-, and -crave- can’t be accomplished!

I am no programmy-webdev-guru… I can do art, and a handful of CSS, i can gank snippets of java or other code from here or there and fudge until it works… I can’t… it seems, make a website the way I’d like to.

Well, a few sites out there recently give me hope. Hope that someday making something ‘artistically’ rather than needing to learn web-programming-speak may be possible. For one a.k.a. “The Verticle Web” has one of the qualities/functions I really like!

CSS showed me it was possible to have capacities, and z-indexes [essentially static-layers]… In fact you can do a ton with CSS, but not all of it might be compatible withe everyone… [p.s. i hate flash] Now has taken it a step further. You can MOVE things around on the website, minimize, maximize, pull a window forward or drop it back. Just like you would on your desk top.

I have no clue how they are doing it, but I am crossing my fingers… that it will be a light-weight versatile application that can be easily installed on your website, and quickly and easily have the graphical display changed. [boxes boxes and more boxes!! ugh!] I will give them kudos though. Despite being all boxes, its clean, and neat. Functional and due to the simplicity stylish. While not 100% my style, it’s one I can appreciate and work with.

I suppose even if it were bulky, or difficult… I’d still try to wrestle with it that’s how much I really want this to work for me. On the other hand something I read on the site makes me concerned… /-: I am not sure yet, but I got the impression that ‘multiple’ websites with this function, could wo


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