Another case of one thing leads to another.

An article from FreePeople landed in my google-reader, which led me to Design-Crisis which of course just sort of sucks me in. After about an hour of looking through things I wandered away for awhile.

With the advent of interior-design related articles coming into my google-reader. Err rather, maybe it is more appropriate to say; “with my recent decision to -use- google reader, i subscribled to some interior-design related feeds.” In combination with the steampunky-feeds, and of course steampunk-home. I find my eyes are swimming with new idea’s of how I can finally “finish” updating/renovating/sprucing-up our apartment and yet make it not look like a mish-mash of stuff that it actually is.

Since I am spatially-challanged and always think I have way more room than I actually DO, I figured out a simple solution. I will go through my house [once my camera battery is charged] and photograph the area’s that still need work [once i clean up the messes everywhere] and then… Well from there I will plug the pictures into my computer grab my tablet, and start photo shopping. Until I get an “ideal” design that will work on my non-existant budget… It’s not fool-proof but, it should give me an idea of where to start.

In the mean time, my exploration of design crisis has yielded a few rather interesting designs I like. [click the read more]

pink trim

Design-Crisis: If you’re really brave, you can dispense with the white altogether and bathe the entire room in saturated hues, like this pic from Domino.

If it were me, I’d have paired it with chartreuse or orange I think, regardless I like the idea of a lot of bold bright colors. [if I did that to THIS apartment my mother would kill me. The orange on the 3rd floor and the two tone green bedroom we’re enough to rattle her… BUT I proved me theory right, it is easier to rent now! and she took my advice for her living room so, i must be doing something right, right?] [Edit: I really like how the bed is set into such a small cozy space, you will ready why further along in my rant.]

While we’re on the color thing, this next ones a bit more subdued but nice.

Design-Crisis: Even if you choose color for your walls, you don’t have to paint the trim white. Thoughts on this color scheme? Photo courtesy of Marie Claire Maison.

I was tracking back some pictures I liked when I ended up on Waryn Meyers while most of their designs are not my style… There were a few pictures I found that -really- tickled me. First lets start with this…

For a closet, it’s not that great… Everything certainly does look a bit messy, but it appeals to me. In fact, it looks a whole lot like the laundry room in the basement before everything got cleaned up a bit. There are a few other area’s of my basement that look like this too, courtesy of my grandmother. Yes, not terribly organizational but I grew up around stuff like that.

I am one of those people who walk into a flea-market, or an over-crammed thrift-shop, or an even better example would have been “virgo-bats and leo-phrogs” a coffee shop [which no longer exists]… all of those places have a similar sense of chaos and comfort for me…

I’d be most comfortable taking all my things and shoving everything into a tiny-closet like room and living out of it. [Yeah, I did this before, the room was just big enough to fit a twin bed, a walking isle, and a built-in cabinetry system.]

If I tried to do that now, Howard would propably have a fit… or my mother would call it messy and not see the sense of organized chaos behind it all… so, also on Wary Meyer in the same home no less, I found the perfect solution!

At first glance it -seems- cramped, and maybe a bit busy. The cramped-and-cozy-messy effect is just an illusion. Looking closer everything is neat and tidy, organized. I wonder, if I can do something like this to my current bedroom.? I don’t really have an issue with “big” rooms as opposed to “tiny” rooms, but its something I think I prefer… As it is, I feel sort of lost in my bedroom at the moment… /sigh. Need to re-arrange so I am comfy again…

Favorite Spaces Growing Up:
– Behind the built-in dresser of the L-shaped bunk-bed, OR, on the top bunk surrounded by the “curtains”
– In a tent
– The Garden shed
– under the coffee-table
– my brothers bedroom… [I was like 13 when we moved to a house. One bedroom upstairs [the smallest] was quite small, had 2 walls worth of built-in cabinetry, and a built-in bed, and a step-down-into walk-in closet. Being the oldest I was “forced” to take the ‘second-largest’ bedroom. I wasn’t allowed to have the dark-and-small boy-like room in the back… /sigh. The room has changed a bit since then, my brother still occupies it, and in my opinion it’s even better now than it used to be.]
– I had two bedroom’s in my first apartment. [the one mentioned above, and the ‘pantry-space’ off the kitchen] both were equally tiny, but I did love them.

Well no matter how much I like small spaces, I think they are only my “favorites” because they are so few and far between. In contrast the 3rd floor bedroom I occupied for 3 years, was massive. I felt like I could fit a living-room, bedroom, and office space into it before it would even begin to feel comfortable. The actual kitchen and living room were much, much nicer spaces. I actually loved the whole apartment, and the bedroom was nice, I just sometimes woke up feeling a bit, lost?

I have since graduated to an apartment with infinitly more space, and normal sized rooms. Wonderfully high ceilings [which howard adores] and… I have stuffed it so full of random ill-matching furniture that it looks, and feels cramped. Not nessicarily in a good way either…

Conclusion: I like “open-feelings” in 99.9% of the house, and I’d prefer my bedroom to at least ‘seem’ closed-in and cozy, or at least seem that way near the bed.

One more thing before I head to sleep…

….maybe my approach to interior-design needs to change a bit… I always go for the furniture, or framed-art and stuff to fill what I feel are huge-blanks on walls… maybe, I should just save myself money and paint… That wall up there is just a large scale version of what I do on a daily-basis at work! I can do it!… errrr, maybe I should uh, mesure it out or something… /spatial-fail


Speaking of art-on-walls Step-In-Design magazine covered a duo “Dizel&Sate” recently… I am a bit annoyed by their websites slow-loading images, BUT it is worth the wait to see all the pictures… On the other hand, you could just read what I read… ^_^ “Dirty but Free” Step in Design


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