Because a blog, or website, or virtually anywhere else in this hyper-connected web can seem to be a lonely place, Orange Elephants is now home to more than just me.

[Fallen Aphrodite] has become my very first minion in the OrangeElephantArmy. How quaint.

So keep an eye on the post author and maybe more folks who are equally random will join the [O-E.A] sooner rather than lately.

…and no, there is still no topic, theme, or section of life that we will focus on [unlike other group-blogs, or blog-powered-magazines] Orange Elephants is still about each individual authors intrests, hobbies, lifes and frustrations.

The only change is that you use to only read mine… Now there are two of us…

Edit: [from a chat with a friend]

Me: mwahahaha… yes yes! mechanical orange elephants powered by coffee and controlled by my minions shall stomp all over the world… [or at least the keyboard]

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