another minion?

minionminionminionminion… yes, what started as a simple idea to invite friends of mine to post here. Rapidly dissolved into collecting minions for the Orange-Elephants.Army. The newest addition, is [Silverish Aura]…

Who actually had to ask “What is this [Coffee] @ 42 thing…”

I never expected to need to educate one of my minions on geek-reference, or hitchhikers guide references. Yet, I suppose every now and then I must have a ‘normal’ human-being to drive the mechanical elephants. I haven’t answered [Silverish Aura]’s question as to what @ 42 means… I think this post, should be enough.

Edit: if [Silvery Aura] fails in deciphering what @ 42 means, I will need to break out my cast-iron-frying-pan-of-massive-beatdown….


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