Random Ramblings Begin…

It’s amazing how mainstream entertainment will take over people’s lives. People will actually avoid a social situation with their friends to watch a TV show so that they don’t miss a moment of other people’s lives. Why do we use this mass entertainment to shy away from our realities? Is it really that we’re looking for someone to empathize with or is it the craving to be someone else because the world as we know it sucks? Are Americans that unhappy with reality right now that we need to watch someone else’s screwed up life to feel normal? Or is it just that we need to watch things to evoke emotions that are too hard to deal with without that catalyst on TV?

This is a sad reality to really think about if you sit there and process it all. The economy is poor, the job market is poor, relationships are failing because couple’s are stressed over finances which spirals some into divorces that actually cost more than the financial crisis they’re sitting in causing them to have irreconcilable differences in the first place. Although I have to say the employers are having a field day because they know their employees will work their asses off to keep their jobs without having to do overtime to catch up on the work because the employees are afraid if they leave too much work to do at the end of the day and can’t finish it satisfactorily for their employers that they’ll get fired. I really can’t stand when big business takes advantage of the current stress that everyone is under. If you can’t notice that your employees are worn out and you decide it would be fun to add more stress to the bucket then maybe you should be the one paying for the psychiatrist rather than the employee with the crappy insurance you provided them with so you could cut back cost for your company. Deadly spiral anyone?

Although with that being said anyone who is in the psychology field as a whole must be profiting nicely from all the stress and mental conditions that are popping out of the wood work. Luckily, you don’t even have to do the thinking on your feet anymore when everyone seems to have the same issues, or at least one of the sources of their issues results from the failing job market. That must be a fun dream analysis. So, you were at your job naked in your dream?.. uh huh.. uh huh… and you felt like you had to expose yourself to your boss to prove your loyalty?… uh huh.. uh huh… Do you think this could stem from a fear of losing your job and the clothing on your back at the drop of a dime? Nah… not at all.

We became so accustomed to our old lifestyles before we really realized that Oh my.. those lions and tigers and bears of the stock market are real! They aren’t figments of our cowardly imaginations. The economy really is failing and go figure, debt is at an extreme high because people don’t know how to adjust to the new way we are living. We still want the nice car, the nice house with the best food and the best lives possible for ourselves so we can escape at the end of the day to our perfect family oasis without having to search for that illusion that isn’t there in a crummy apartment in the ghetto in a living place we could actually afford to live at without putting ourselves further into debt. Maybe, just maybe, cutting back on costs of what we’re purchasing and using could help our selves.

We all have heard those commercials and watched them on TV about how making a cup of coffee at home is a huge savings rather than going out and purchasing one on the run because we’re so busy in our daily lives we can’t just flip a switch while we’re running around to take care of 50 things before heading off to a job that stresses us out more and more. Now I do understand that not everyone is freaking out about job security because there are a lot of people who have degrees or jobs that they aren’t easily replaceable at, but a good majority of America aren’t doctors or lawyers or CEO’s of big large companies that they could easily scam money off the top of to make sure their yacht payment is in on time.

Well I guess it’s time to get off my soap box because I’m starting to actually get tired now after the insomnia seems to have calmed down a little, and maybe even enough to let me sleep… what a concept!! Yay.. off to the land of the sandman and dreams where I can have material for my psychiatrist at the next appointment about the naked midgets out performing me in front of the big wig at the company because they have more to offer in a smaller package so they can economize better within the company… enough said… Sleeeeeep…


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