Well Hello There…

So welcome to the crazy melancholy world of [Silverish Aura]… Introducing myself to the fun world of Orange Elephants & Coffee.  So my life right now is kind of in a blah state with just mainly working at a call center that deals with cellphone customers so trust me… you will probably hear about the fun world of customer’s cellphone complaints, comments and random questions.

I have come to lead a relatively simple existence lately. Eat, sleep, work, sometimes make time for friends and of course going out to bars and being bored because there aren’t many people who are incredibly interesting who are regulars at bars. Sometimes you find that occasional interesting person but then you quickly find out they are that person your mother warned you about with that crazy look in your eye when they find out you are a half-way intelligent person. That is your cue to run far far far away and don’t turn back. This is when your friends come in handy also to hide behind and just go (save me) “Hey hunny, so when we go home.. you want to watch that movie?”. Heh, scary scary places bars are.

Although, that’s not as bad as some of the poor lonely people that sometimes you get when you’re taking phone calls (told you I’d go there…). I have been hit on in the most obnoxious ways over the phone more so than in a bar where the person is seeing you face to face. All these people have is the sound of your voice. You could have someone who would end up being a coyote ugly morning at the other end of the phone, but at the same time it seems to be a security blanket it to these people. Now at the other end of the phone is a poor person that is supposed to keep things professional and can’t respond to these types of statements, and boy is it hard… Try having some old creepy guy telling you that he is drunk on the beach calling about his cellphone issues then all of the sudden rambles about how sad, lonely, and depressed he is after going through a divorce and how his ex-wife was a cheating whore… yeah.. then you turn into the next best thing on his to-do list and he invites you down to this random place he’s at and you have to kindly go… Sir, I apologize, however this line is a professional business line, please stick to professional business matters. Luckily most of the time the call ends at that and they don’t keep going, IF you’re lucky.

Anyway, enough of the random ramblings for now.. just wanted to say WELL HELLO THERE!!

~Silverish Aura~


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