Who is Fallen Aphrodite?

So after twisting my arm a bit and holding a fully loaded water pistol at my head,.. uhm no I mean asking me ever so sweetly I will be joining [Reality] and the Orange Elephants that keep stealing my coffee on this lovely little space.  So who am I exactly? The girl your mother forgot to warn you about when she was busy warning you about the guys to not bring to her doorstep. You know, why is it that mothers do not warn their sweet daughters about lesbians such as myself? I think that is a whole topic for another time, now back to who the hell [Fallen Aphrodite] is. An opinionated and spontaneous individual, formally known as [Aphrodite the fallen angel] that ran a website for seven years under that name that allowed the online female stalking to take place. I enjoy long walks on the beach at night, rather tasty wine, and long drawn out love letters,.. err this isn’t one of those online dating sites is it? Speaking of which, e-harmony.com … we have all seen the commercials or ads online promising to find your true love. Doesn’t that sound great, someone else doing all the work to let you find love? Direct from their website:

At eHarmony, we bring your special someone to you. This way you will save time and money.

Now they really should change this to match exactly what they offer:

At eHarmony, we bring your special someone to you (only if you are of the hetrosexual nature or are willing to let us shove you so far back in that closet you can never find your way out again). This way you will save time, money, and save us from bringing together happy gay/lesbian couples.

Honestly, I do have a bit to say on the subject on online dating,.. however I shall save it for another time.

Something else on my mind, tonight at 8pm (EST) we say goodbye to those lovely ladies of the L Word. Does Ilene Chaiken have one more twist to throw at us? Will she piss us off yet again? Tomorrow night I will return with my own little Orange Elephant to share my thoughts of this last episode and possibly send it off to trample Ilene.

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