Books… were never meant to be coasters.

I was at barnes and nobles today to pick up a book that I’d been meaning to get for quite a while. Maria V. Snyder wrote a book called [Poision Study] which I read last year and found quite enjoyable.

The next book in the same series is [Magic Study] and the third is [Fire Study]. Well, I wasn’t quite quick enough on the draw in purchasing the second two books. So when I went today I was confronted by an annoyance.

The current trend seems to be re-releasing the books with shiny-new covers every year or so, or in some cases every few months. Regardless of when it happens it’s mildly annoying when it coincides with the release of a new book. I have the first book in the design shown below.


Today I found both [Poison Study] and [Magic Study] with new covers.


I could order it in the same edition as my copy of [Poison Study] or get the new version. Well I had no idea if the third book [Fire Study] would be available in that version! Or, if there are any future books being considered for the series. If so would they get the new cover? Or the old?

[read more?]

I now know both are available in the old cover, so it lessons my annoyance. Even so this is the first time this has happened to me with “trade paperbacks” the larger print versions of “paper backs”.

I know I get annoyed when I buy one book in hardcover and then the rest in soft. I get equally annoyed when I’ve finally caught up on a series only to need to wait out the hardcover-time in order to have the matching paperback for my shelf. I get annoyed when suddenly 5 books in, they re-release all the paperbacks and then going forward they are “new” which forces me [if i like it enough to display] to buy the first 5 all over again just so they “match”.

Trade’s so far, have been fairly reliable. They are easier to find than hard-covers, and, generally don’t change to terribly much. Plus they have a decent price attached. So why am I banging my head in misery now? Well because I got the “new” edition of book 2, because I wasn’t sure if book 3, by the time I get around to buying it, will be availiable in the “old” cover. GAH!

P.S. Is it just me or do the new covers look horrible? Keep in mind these are not in the young-adult or even the sci-fi/fantasy section [which they should be?] they are instead in the ROMANCE section. How on earth does this new cover fit there?

While I am on the “book” topic, I found Tamora Pierce’s [Melting Stones] in the store today. A book which was written for audio-book before it was written to be printed. If I recall off the top of my head this was done because of a certain voice-actors voice inspiring the author.

Of course, I had to get it. There is not a book of her’s I don’t own. Yes I am 26 years old, and yes these are teen novels. I’ve been addicted since I was 13 and would highly reccomend them for anyone with kids about that age. [girls specifically 13-15?] Or at least thats what I would say for what I consider to be the “core” books.

The Song of the Lioness Quartet [Tortall] The Immortals Quartet [Tortall] Protector of the Small Quartet [Tortall]

The Circle of Magic Quartet [Circle-Universe] The Circle Opens Quartet. [Circle Universe]

After that the “new” books have a more detailed writing style. While still geared towards teen-readers they are on-par with some of the easier books found in the adults sci-fi/fantasy section. So, if your an intrested adult of my age or so, you can certainly pick up reading here.

All of her books stand-alone fairly well. While I highly reccomend you read the first books, I know for more-advanced readers it could seem too-easy and thus boring. [Which somehow doesn’t stop me from re-reading!] So, onto the more recent books.

The Will of the Empress [Circle-Universe] was a small-step up from the origional circle books as far as reading complexity. Melting Stones [Circle-Universe] I hope is yet another small step, I don’t know, I just bought it!

Tricksters Choice and Tricksters Queen [Tortall set sometime after or perhaps during Protector of the Small] (yes I forget, I should go check the authors site but I don’t have enough time to do so. If I am wrong I’ll correct myself later) These were really a step up in complexity and are the ones I am considering on-par with easier adult fantasy novels. Or, on-par with the more-complex young-adult novels.

Terrier [Tortall, a legend which is set long before -any- of the books] is another amazing one for which I am eagerly chewing my nails off waiting for the next installment this april titled Bloodhound. They are beautifully written in a compleetly-different style than any of Tamora’s Past works! Perhaps, a bit easier than Choice/Queen but still amazing.

Ok, I am done advocating for teen-books for now. Off to reading I go.


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