one last trip into the lesbian hotbed of interconnectedness

After 6 years of some of the sweetest, saddest, and WTF moments we tuned in to say goodbye to the sexy lesbians of the L Word. The two hour event started with an hour of looking back. Yes this is the show that did not just knock the door down, it slammed it off the hinges full speed at viewers if they were ready for it or not. One of the highlights of the hour (for me) was that creators and cast talked about the show in front of “the chart”, something most of us thought we would never see again once we saw Alice scrubbing it to death after the military invasion on her apartment in season five.

the visual display of lesbian sexual connections simply known as the chart

The visual display of lesbian sexual connections simply known as the chart.

So after an hour of saying goodbye and look at all the amazing things we brought to the small screen, it was time for the last episode. Leisha Hailey [Alice] comes on the screen saying she has a surprise for us at the end of the show.

Before this season even began it was all over the media – Jenny is dead! So the last season being hyped as a huge who-did-it. Last night we were all on the edge of our seats, was this long drawn out game of lesbian Clue finally going to end?

The answer, of course not!

Honestly if anything the episode brought up more questions instead of answering any. Why would Alice tell Tasha to go fuck Jamie and let her know like Jamie was a new car she didn‘t want to buy but Tasha was interested in? Bette and Tina are just up and leaving for New York after remodeling their house and suddenly decide it is time to talk about marriage . . . . weren‘t they against the heterosexual paradigm? Is Max ready to become a dad yet, or is he going to hide the newborn baby in Bette and Tina‘s belongings before they take off for New York? Why did they bring Dylan back if they were only going to have her shake up poor Helena’s emotional state? How many times does Bette have to point out there is not a railing on that second floor porch right above the pool to let us know it ties in to Jenny’s death (even if we do not see it)? Hey look the Lez Girls negative was in Jenny’s attic all along, what the hell are we going to do with it now? Why was Niki hiding in the bushes as Jenny’s body floated in the pool? And most importantly, why have we continued to keep boarding Ilene Chaiken’s crazy train?

There were a couple high points to the episode. The theme song by Betty . . . We know it, we hate it, we can sing every single word of it without thinking about it, and it was not there last night. A “tribute video” to Bette and Tina, honestly seemed more like it was to the fans. It was not nearly long enough, but myself and other lesbians have been screaming for her . . . Carmen de la Pica Morales! (eh even if she was only in the video, at least they did not leave her out). Last but not least, the response made to asking where Jenny was:

“Shane threw a bucket of water on her [Jenny] and she melted” – Max

Near the end of the episode I was to the point that while they were in the media room eating popcorn and watching the video made by Jenny that Dana Fairbanks (who died of breast cancer in season three) could have strolled in and sat down to partake in the event. With everything that happened this season it would not have been the most ludicrous we had seen.

Officer Lucy Lawless requests the ladies to come down to the station. They get out of their cars and do the slowest walks possible with the biggest smiles . . . Did they forget Jenny is dead?! Oh wait, nope she is suddenly walking with them.

So here it is: Sarah Schuster killed by Jenny Schechter, Jenny Schecter killed by Ilene Chaiken.

Okay Ilene let them rest in peace now . . .

So Leisha’s surprise . . . It isn’t totally over!

Available online: the interrogation tapes. Maybe some answers to all those questions.

“What do these questions have to do with who killed Jenny?” – Alice

“So you think someone killed Jenny?” – Officer Lucy Lawless

Not like fans of the show did not know, but Alice is off to The Farm.

Not like fans of the show did not know, but Alice is off to The Farm.

Poor Alice, you never question the police officer that is questioning you. Yes Ilene is taking Alice off to prison. First she kills Dana, now this. The pilot has yet to be pitched, but in short a show revolving around prison life that happens to have one of television’s hottest lesbians behind bars.

So there it is, no answers and overall a huge let down for anyone that wanted any type of storyline that made sense. I have already dispatched an Orange Elephant to fetch those  interrogation tapes and of course will be ranting on about them.

Love it or hate it, it is important. One out of every ten people are gay. We all want entertainment we can connect with and reflects us. For the past six years I have tuned in not only for entertainment and to see what crazy thing would happen next,.. but to see stories unfold I can actually relate to.

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