…Today is March 25th…

Yup that’s the date today… Bloodhound by Tamora Pierce will be out on April 14th, From Dead to Worse by Charlaine Harris will be out in paperback March 31st, and Dead and Gone (hardcover) on May 5th, followed by the DVD release of True-Blood on May 15th.
Who knew I was keeping track of so many dates! I still have no idea when Kim Harrison’s White Witch, Black Curse will be out in paperback, Jenna Blacks Speak of the Devil is due in July (yay lets hope its paperback!) and uh…

I will curse the ARG later…

Ok, so I had planned on coming home today and writing for a bit. That has not happened yet and nor will it. For one thing if I start writing now, then I will loose track of time and wind up missing my Aikido class which would seriously bum me out.

I haven’t exactly been writing much in the past few weeks but I have bunches of ideas on how to iron out [Dark-Heart] after my massive blunder and subsequent writers block. I’ve also had a few random idea’s for the stories [Parasite] and [Dragon Claimed] as well as a completely new intriguing concept/character.

I realize that perhaps my one downfall to wanting to eventually get published is that I tend to focus on one project and then during periods of writers block I begin others. The result is very slow going and lack of any finished works.

So I am going to resolve to {a} quit smoking this month, and {b} try and write at least one hour every other day [without interruptions!] to speed up the process. A year from now I’d like to say “Hey I finished something! ZOMG!” actually I’d like to say that sooner but hey, what can you do when there is only so much time during a day and too much to fill it with [along with periods that lack creative-inspiration?]

Ahem… Let the cursing begin?

The ARG that [Francesco] and I have been following is… mind-boggling to say the least. Enjoyable but mind-boggling. I find myself getting distracted every now-and-again and checking my email and the forums, and the wiki to keep on top of everything. Then I spend a few hours mulling over it all and then “forget it” so I can move on and do other things that are more (immediately) productive.

For example I have to finish my bathroom repairs, determine when my LAN party is since I forgot, and clean my house before the apartment inspection tomorrow.

I failed at doing any of that this past weekend, I was too busy reading. -_- At some point last year I read book 7 of the Sookie Stackhouse series by Charlain Harris. I never got around to getting the first 6 then I realized they had a TV series coming out.

Since I don’t have cable my first clue for this was the box-set in Barnes and Nobles reading “NOW ON HBO!!” to which I was like “oh check that out” and subsequently sometime last week I saw three episodes.

Intregued I went back and read the first book on wednesday, and by Monday morning I’d finished all 7 and need to wait for #8 in paperback, and #9 in May… which just so happens to coincide with the release of the DVD’s for the series on May 19th. Yes, I need to get those so I can finish watching the shows.

For [Francesco]’s sake I won’t say anything more about the books or TV series… Until after he’s seen/read them.

I am so mad… Why couldn’t I have been wandering around the world of the ARG’s months ago?

Viral marketing campaign

The premiere of True Blood was prefaced with a viral marketing/ARG campaign, based at BloodCopy.com. This included setting up multiple websites,[11][12][13] encoding web address into unmarked envelopes mailed to high profile blog writers and others, and even performances by a “vampire” who attempted to reach out to others of their kind, to discuss the recent creation of “TruBlood”, a fictional beverage which is featured in the show.

Yup, defiantly would have been IN that if I’d known. Then again, up until this weekend I wasn’t much interested in reading these or watching the show… You could say they were on my list, but shuffled under the pile a bit… I’m quite glad they got onto the top of the pile before I’d planned on it.


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