cross country travel = getting hours of your life back

Friday March 27th

5:30am (est) – I rolled out of bed, not sure my eyes were even open when I made my way to my trusty coffee pot. Only have enough time to drink two cups of coffee instead of my normal six.

6:45am (est) – Took a cup of coffee with me and grabbed my luggage and it was off to the airport. Still not awake, and on top of not enough coffee I had no chance to do yoga.

8:45am (est) – So I arrive at the airport. My lovely younger sister had booked my flight online for me, like having my own little personal assistant on the other side of the country. So I got my tickets for my two flights and paid to check two weeks worth of clothing. Made my way to security, and well I guess my Deftones hoodie must have looked threatening since the security guard required me to remove it. Now by no means is this a large hoodie, it is more like a form fitting longs sleeve shirt that happens to have a hood on it. So I gathered my belongings and went in search of my gate.

9:42am (est) – I should have been boarding my flight to New Jersey, but instead was listening to a woman give updates on how delayed my flight was. My connecting flight would be leaving New Jersey at 1:15pm, so as long as I left New York by 11:45am I would be able to make it. I figured by this time I must have more coffee, or find some orange elephants and give them Red Bull,.. and once they got there wings ride one to New Jersey. However, the coffee was easier to locate.

10:34am (est) – I board my flight to New Jersey and we start on our way to the runway. Then the pilot announces we are stopping due to a problem with the wheel. This was by far the smallest plane I had ever been on and from my seat I could see the wheel. So after a little work we took off to New Jersey (finally).

11:50am (est) – Made it and even had enough time to get a cup of coffee, or something that was supposed to be coffee. Then made it literally to the other end of the airport. From my gate I noticed a Guinness pub, which naturally made me think of [Reality]. At that point I contemplated ditching the coffee like thing I was drinking and going for a Guinness, but alas unless it is a special event I try not to drink before 1pm.

12:55pm (est) – Got on my next flight, 5 hours and 25 minutes to San Diego. As we are heading out and preparing to take off, the pilot was talking and all of the sudden I hear him say “I think I can get this hunk of sheet metal to the west coast”. A sense of humor, something I do not think most passengers enjoyed,.. however I found the pilot quite entertaining. After taking off they started the first movie, something about football – and for anyone that knows me or meets me will quickly figure out I am not at all interested in football. Now rugby, that is a real sport. I opted for watching podcasts instead.

A few hours later, somewhere in the air over the middle of the US – Every once in awhile I looked out the window however could only see clouds below us. They served something that was supposed to be lunch. I decided on a glass of red wine and the little package of Milano cookies. They started the second movie, and I decided to listen to an audio book I had recently downloaded and placed on my ipod. Ellen Degeneres – The Funny This Is … , that woman is highly entertaining … remember to floss and god is a beautiful black woman, got it. After awhile I looked out the window expecting to see clouds however I saw desert. The pilot a few moments later announced we were over Arizona.

4:10 pm (pst) – So after over 5 hours on a plane, I get three hours back. You know there are several times I wish I could get hours of my life back. The pilot announced that “we would be landing in Portland, OR in a few moments … no I mean San Diego”. 75 degrees and sunny, hell yes I will accept this after dealing with snow and below zero temperatures for months. So I look out the window and this is what I see:


4:25pm (pst) – Surprising my luggage appeared rather quickly, I normally never have this kind of luck at airports. I made my way outside into the lovely weather and had a cigarette. First one after 11 hours. Since I was able to do that with no issue, I am planning on quitting. Anyway, that is something to ramble on about at another time. So I sit there waiting and my sister walks up with camera in hand taking a picture. So we go to her car, which for some reason still has NY plates and make our way to her apartment which is absolutely gorgeous. However, I still do not know what the purpose is of the fire place in the living room when you live in southern California . . .


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