I convinced myself to take a break from my binge-reading long enough to write a long-overdue blog post, and maybe do some work on my own writing. I should also convince myself that I have some (very mundane) household tasks (boring) to take care of before next weekends LAN Party. I’ve noticed there is a sense of shock when I tell my out-of-state friends that from Friday to Monday I’m having a lan-party. It would appear that wherever they are they either don’t have the right sort of friends, or think that LAN’s are from a bygone-era. Ancient, Antiquated. Yet, they all have done some pretty severe /head-desk wishing they lived here instead so they could attend.

It should be fun, playing games (old and new) like UT3, or L4D, or Supreme Commander, maybe even some Diablo or DS2. Truthfully I am not sure what we’re playing, I left it up to everyone who attends to get here and then decide which game we’re playing first. Were certainly going to have enough time to do more than one, possibly enough people to play more than one at the same time. So anyone else who happens to live in the area, and happens to read my blog is welcome to attend or drop by.

I have time to get things in order though, which leaves me severely tempted to finish up the last three books I purchased.

Like I said, I’m binge-reading. Devouring. After my stint with the Charlain Harris novels I took a few days off, and then got restless for more reading. You can also blame this on the fact that I am trying to quit smoking and therefore need a steady distraction in the evening hours. So while I am rambling about this I might as well re-cap and do some mini-reviews on what I have read.

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Katie MacAlister: A few month’s ago I read the first book in the Aisling Grey series [You Slay Me] and then picked up the other three [Fire Me Up] [Light my Fire] and [Holy Smokes] at the (now-out-of-buisness) used-book store. So I read the whole kit-n-kaboodle earlier this week. Aisling is a fun character to read about, she’s a belivable character that sometimes makes you wince, applaud, and then shake your head sadly at. From the first book its clear she’s more-or-less clueless about the situations she’s throwin into, which makes me wince. However she bluffs, blusters, and otherwise meets the challanges head-on to the best of her abilities. [insert applause] Then there is Drake [instert some head-shaking] her romantic interest, who’s encounters lend more than a bit of steam to the books. [yes, you may drool.] I wish I could tell you how it all works out between them, but you need to read all four books to find out for yourself. All in all, I approve.

Now I need to go get the authors [Silver Dragons] Series, [Playing with Fire] [Up in Smoke] and [Me and My Shadow] which I perused a bit in order to determine that they seem to follow the four Aisling Grey books on the time line. A friend of mine also reccomended that I should check out the Authors Vampire books. Given the amusing nature of Katie’s writing I will have  to, I bet they are fun and steamy. Oh! The Authors website and Twittering clued me in on the fact she’s writing a STEAMPUNK book! YAY!  Website

Then part of my book-order came in.

I started with [Lover Eternal] by J.R.Ward it’s the second book in the Black Dagger Brotherhood. I don’t always go for the vampire books, in fact unless someone tells me “Yeah check it out” I sort of hold off. I tend to be a rather large sceptic. J.R.Wards vampires aren’t quite the cut-and-dried sort I am used to. I also can’t think of many other books in the Genra that pull in the urban-slang and rap bad-boy stuff. Usually you get run-of-the-mill normal, or rocker-type boys. Hell even a few woodsy-nature guys, or the still-normal military types. Well, these don’t fit that in the least. I think as far as male characters go, these guys are really refreshing and interesting. The female leads from book one to book two are also refreshingly different from each other. The books themselves are crammed full of plot, and lots of steam. It makes me twitch waiting for the third book which should be shipped out to me April 6th.

After that I chose [Tall, Dark and Dead] by Tate Hallaway. It’s not a bad book… I might get the second book (since so many ‘series’ tend to steadily improve) however… While I wanted (and expected) a bit of an easier read (and the talish average-thickness book and large font) seemed to promise. I wasn’t quite expecting it to be that breezy. I feel like I sort of meandered along until (woah) I was at the end of the book without a whole lot in-between. It’s a good book, mildly amusing, has a few sex scenes although nothing stood out as being intsensly steamy. The plot is simple, and easy to follow, the character was mildly intreguing. I still manage to feel that I wish there had been more to it, more time to get to know the characters, more time to see more of the plot… Just… More? I wish I could pin down why I feel that way, on the surface it’s a good book, and well written, but it lacks layers.

So now I have [Dead Man Rising] by Lilith Saintcrow, second book of the Dante Valentine series. Which if the first book [Working for the Devil] was any indication I have high-hopes for. I hold the same hopes for her Jill Kismet series (high hopes that is) since I read the first book [Night Shift] at around the same time as [Working for the Devil]. I’m going to finish the Valentine series first (the character really appeals to me) but they are both good. When I am done with these two series if the author has held my intrest I’ll move onto her other books.

Laurell K. Hamiltons [The Laughing Corpse] is actually the book I picked up and hastily put down so I could write this post. I know the books are good, and the author is amazing… But I object to spending 8$ on such a thin book (which the first few in the anita series are) so I was glad to find it on the bargain-priced section of BN.com. Now if only I can find the next two or three at less than 8$ then I’ll be all set to get the next bunch at full price (unless of course I can continue to be thrifty.)

On the same sort of note, I really wish that J.D.Robb’s books would bundle themselves into some really affordable package. There are just so many of them and they are a bit on the light-side for the increasing prices. I believe the author is worth every penny, and the series doubly so, but darn it all I have to pinch my pennies somewhere or I won’t be able to save for japan. So every full-priced book must be carefully selected and weight, is it big-enough to indulge me and keep me occupied but not so big I get lost in it? Gah, I will propably break down and buy them anyway even if they are (like the first few of Anita Blake) a bit less hefty than I prefer for the money. Like I said, it’s worth it.

The last book I have in my new pile is [First Comes Marriage] from the ever-trusty Mary Balogh who’s historical-romances are worth every penny. I usually tend to buy my romances on the quicky-cheap shelf of the grocery store (or walmart) but, when you find an author you really like, sometimes you just don’t want to wait and poke around for a better price. Mary’s books are also just the right size to pay for full price in my opinion. They aren’t thin but they aren’t thick. There isn’t even the daunting prospect of getting drawn into a characters story (ie: Sookies, or Anitas, or Eve’s) to the point where I just absolutly MUST have the nest umpteen books in the series.

Ahh Historical Romances, always trust them to give you a new character, new plot, and if you find a good author it all gets cooked up into a five-star meal. The term “series” is rather more loose in regards to the romances. Maybe its a sister, brother, or friend in the second book (hey, kinda like the J.R.Ward books!) maybe a dash of some over-riding plot, but in-general each book stands alone well enough to not make me bust my budget craving the next.


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