A blurb should do it.

A quick little update, too small to be a real blog post of any importance and too big to fit on twitter. (NOT that I’ve fully figured the twitter thing out yet, aren’t I supposed to like get updates when people say stuff or something? I keep forgetting to check…)

Fallen Aphrodite will be happy I got the twitters feeding into this Blog, but why does it seem like they only show up half the time? GAH!

Yesterday I took an adventure in my kitchen and attempted (and succeeded) to make Miso Soup and Chicken Yakitori? The latter was a recipe in a cook-book that I got for Christmas. The former I had to look up how to make it online. Since I know that my guy likes it (as if him buying a thing of red-miso and setting it in our fridge wasn’t enough of a hint) I went ahead and made it… So simple! O_o Both recipes came out good, but they were so easy I feel like I must have missed something.

Today I took a nap and had this amazing brain-storm. Like all the background info for the world that “Dark Heart” is set in just “clicked” along with the concept of a new character/story. So I meant to write it all down before I forgot.

Then I got sidetracked, or should I say derailed the moment I sat down at my computer: [TSO] the [ARG] which [Francesco] got me involved in had a lot of stuff going on. My poor email inbox notification thing kept going off so of course I had to go check. Lo-and-Behold I was just in time to try and help solve the puzzle and assist with compiling the finished image once they’d solved it. Nope I wasn’t much help in the solving department (once again!) but those folks over there on the [UnFiction Forums] really get things done! It sort of makes me think of some poor S.O.B who says one thing and then helps the next person climb onto the step above, until somehow you have ten or so people leap-frogging off each others idea’s until WHAM, its done.

Yeah, interesting stuff but it completely derailed what I had thought of while half-asleep. /sigh. I did manage to write down the basic “gist” of it though, thank gods! Oh and Today’s dinner was a bit simpler, chicken with potatoes and peppers and some breaded-zucchini. As always, good foods.


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