O-E Landing page ReLaunched

Don’t let the preety black, mint green, and pink packaging fool you. Camel #9 Menthe are not menthol, they might be some ultra-light hybrid pretending to be a menthol-ish ciggarett. At buy-one-get-one who could resist the price tag when a normal pack is skyrocketing in cost? Not me, which is why I’ve got them. I’m quitting, sticking to a plan that so far has been working (1 ever 4 hours, 1 every 5 hours…ect) and sometimes I forget to actually -have- a cig until the time-frames elapsed so I take that as a good  thing. THESE however are making me bash my head into the wall repeatedly and I want to run down to the store and get a different type… /thud.

I came home with the plan to make a new header for the blog, I succeded. THEN I got sucked into re-designing what is supposed to be the landing page and link we give out most often… http://orange-elephants.com and surprisingly it didn’t take me long to complete, so I hope it works for everyone.

Yesterday I posted something on twitter about having attempted to play a game called Shogi, after which I got “follwed” by an all-shogi twitter. Intresting… The same happened before hen I said something about my LAN party, I got followed by a “free FPS” game. This doesn’t bother me, since, I don’t have to re-follow and thus the only space they take up is in making my number of followers look larger than it is. I’ve had a few others I don’t know follow me as well, they at least seem human.

This got me to thinking. Twitter does one thing really well, you always know who’s reading, even if they are just flooding their end with people to peek at (if they ever actually do) but it’s still a count of who found you in some way. This blog on the other hand has a “Stats” Section and it goes up and down based on the day. I think these stats are calculated by how many people “visit” the blogs page itself. Does it include people who click the RSS Feed and read from their RSS Readers? No idea. I wish I knew.

Even with blogs that I sometimes go directly to to see what’s up, I usually get their RSS fed to my google-reader. That way I know when its updated and if I am up-to-date. Do they have any idea I’m reading? Or Subscribed? Sad to say but I somehow don’t think wordpress or any other blog system does, or if they do keep track, they don’t  tell you… Or in the very least I couldn’t find out if they did or not! I shall list this as a frustration that blogs should remedy.

P.S. I captured another Minion [ReXxXPhotograph] who should be making  his first post here sooner or later.


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