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I got out of the house for a change, startling many people who haven’t seen me in awhile. Why is this startling? Well because I went to a bar. With [FallenAphrodite] [SilverishAura] and my newest minion [Rexxxxxxxxxxx] who’s screen name I can’t be bothered to type properly because it has too many X’s and I cant remember how many.

So, I drank (isn’t that what you do at a bar?) I got a good buzz, but didn’t drink so much that I was stumbling into walls (unless I forgot something?) I danced (odd….) and I had fun chit-chatting with people I haven’t seen in awhile, and with people I just met.

The highlight of  the night however was the beginning. Like getting a delectable desert before you have even figured out what you’d like to order for dinner. That desert would be Draculatron a band that played. I know people have been telling me I absolutely must check them out. I neglected to do so and walked into this show without any idea what sort of band they were. I knew the bassist since he’s a friend, and surprisingly enough I knew the lead singer/ keyboardist too from like 8 years ago.

I came away from the set thinking, “They are better live than most of the bands I’ve seen open shows in the past few years.” My words will sadly fail to do them justice. Where would I even begin speaking? Or thinking for that matter. How can I quantify just how good they are? Well, I don’t want to compare them to something else that might serve as a point of reference because I’d be referencing way too much in the attempt. After thinking about this for a while I decided that I knew exactly how I would explain how good they are.

  • I arrived when the bar was almost empty and the band was just setting up.
  • The people began coming in the door in droves and it quickly became apparent that most were here for the show.
  • The show stared and there was almost no way to move anywhere near where the band played. You had to squeeze through if you wanted to step outside for a cigarette. The upstairs, and other end of the bar was almost entirely deserted.
  • The show ended, and socialization happened for a while. But the crowd-thinning was apparent.

There was still a good deal of people who stayed to hang-out. The crowd after-the-fact however was a bit… thinned. So, key points. Band Played, Bar was crowded towards the band. Draculatron obviously has many loyal-fans, and friends. Everyone seem to be enjoying themselves, and it seemed like a lot of people knew each and ever song played.

I think that is as good a testament as any.

For those of you who I know will check this blog today looking for the videos. Yes they came out nicely, they are dark, have moments of blu but in a Bar thats expected. Also, for a bar the sound-quality off my camera was also impressive. So Yes as soon as I can get the video’s compressed, and posted on youtube, and then linked to here, and titled-properly they will be here. This might not be this morning however. I seem to be technically challanged at the moment and my brain is dead.

I also have a few things to do today.

  • Drink more coffee
  • Babysit @ 3pm
  • Get Chronicles of Spellborn working with Win7 (having an issue with Game-Guard, so I hope the work-around works)
  • Ride Bike if it’s still nice after baby-sitting.

After all of that, I’m hoping [FallenAphrodite] will stop by and help me out with the videos. My experience with video and video editing up until now involved really big camera’s with a whole room worth of editing equipment. Today, its a tiny little thing I got a few months ago and am still testing it’s capabilities. And, a computer. It’s not hard to figure out, but I am ashamed to say that I don’t know what songs are what by-ear. I haven’t heard them often enough!

In short, go see them play live. If not, find them online. Later, when I have the brain-power and video’s I’ll post again.


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