Secrets, Orange ones.

realitysyndrome new project: find out if i can modify mugs… and what type of sealant can i use to keep the mug still safe for use after modifications…

realitysyndrome project failure in record time… I can’t find a thing!

realitysyndrome I may have found a solution, off to the craft store to find out…

ReXxXPhotograph@realitysyndrome what are making

realitysyndrome@ReXxXPhotograph I am making secretes, orange ones… wanna come help?

realitysyndrome uber-secrete: orange, crafty project complete. 24 hours to dry then 35min in an oven… then… coffee.

And so… Secretes:


Because I discovered that getting people coffee-cups with an orange-elephant on them is UBER expensive I decided brilliantly to make my own.


This one I decided would be [FallenAphrodite]’s, since I featured the POLIUM post from last week on it. I did my best to copy perfectly but messed up a few words here and there, grammer, punctuation ect… There wasn’t quite enough room on the saucer to fit the WHOLE post.

Then I made this one.


And on this one I wrote my blog post. Good luck reading, pictures are blurry and writing on saucers leaves many odd angles.


And this one I have decided will be [RexXxPhotography] because of this:


And so:


The first 2 cups in my newest endevor. If you want one, I will make you one (for a price of course). I will not garentee what it says on them, perhaps a new post, perhaps an old one. If there is no saucer, you may find the writing on the cup itself. The only thing that is certain is there will be an orange elephant somewhere on it. Because of the difficulties of free-hand drawing the elephant may not be perfect. The cups may also be difference since these were the only 2 like this I bought ^_^ I need to go buy more, random cups.


One thought on “Secrets, Orange ones.

  1. Francesco Rizzi says:

    +1. I’ll pay, whatever the price. They look awesome – grats !

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