Playtime: Take 2.

Ahem, [FrancescoRizzi] wrote a post… It’s topic claimed to be playtime mismanagment while its contents actually seemed more of a statment about how impossible and improbable it really is to honestly manage playtime.

I’m sure that somewhere out there will be a person who scheduales every moment of their lives, or their childrens lives. “Wake up at 7, shower breakfast, work from 8 to 5, grocery shopping, be home at 5pm for the raid in wow, 8pm put children to bed, 9pm watch tv show, 11pm sleep.” Or something along those lines. At one point in time I did something similar. Why? Because my “playtime” slowly leeched its way to become a secondary “work time” a thing I had to do. I had to be online  to run a guild/raid/group in whatever video game I was playing.

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Usually at a certain pre-determined time, which would nicely coincide with my “non-work” schedual. So, I had to schedual work, schedual video game, and then schedual dinner, and the rest of my life around that. The result? Not terribly fun at all, well as Francesco said, once you get good at something it becomes less and less fun. I became good at being a priest in world of warcraft, in doing so snagged a leadership-ish position. By doing that I commited myself to a group of people who looked up to and admired me. In doing that I learned skills that made most other MMO games I play (or have played) seem like cake-walk. I also was for awhile (even after leaving wow) commiting myself to various games/groups.

On one hand I adore being relied on, looked up to, and respected. On the other, I vastly prefer the way I have lived my life more recently.

Spontaneity, indicitive of living unplanned. It leads to moments that are overwhelming (reminding me of spomtanious combustion.) as well as times where the wind flaggs and your sails droop and you appear to have nothing to do. One thing I’ve learned, is life is a ride. One you can enjoy or hate as much as you’d like to. You can hate being at work, or find a way  to enjoy it. You can hate being bored, or enjoy the silence, or find something to occupy your time. You can also become bored if you do the same thing  too frequently.

I have many hobbies. I do artwork (in lots of different forms, i have even tried crochet, leather working, and airbrushing). I read (virtually everything that strikes my fancy), I play games (ranging from arcade-games, to consoles and computers. I’ll try just about everything at least once), I listen to music and attend shows for almost anything (that strikes my fancy), I bike, do aikido (not terribly well yet), spend time with my family, watch movies, ect…

I have also tried a great many things. I’ve tried indoor rock climbing, jumped off a dock in the middle of the night and gone swimming. Driven several states (and across the entire country) on less than 4 hours notice… The most enjoyable times I can recall have been for the most part left open-ended and un-planned. Even things on a smaller scale, ie: suddenly deciding to go to a new resurant, or go garage-sailing or antique shopping at the spur of the moment.

Because I have so many things I enjoy doing, and becuase I can’t always predict what I will want to do and when. I leave it for spontanious decisions, and find that with the exception of dedicating myself to something (game, learning japanese, ect) I do quite well. I can visit with friends, cook, read, or play video games when I want to. I think in a way that is key, and I do know that I phase through certain things (reading for example) only  to burn myself out on that (or on a certain type of book) for a time until months later I loop right back around to it.

Right at this very moment I have had a very spontanious and certainly more active pair of weeks. Today I am actually attending a celtic-show in Rome NY because I accepted a ticket from a friend. Until yesterday today was entirely unplanned. I found myself at a childrens clothing sale with a friend this morning, in a tattoo parlor speaking with another friend in the afternoon, and after I make dinner I’ll be heading out to enjoy a show. Perhaps I will finish reading [House of Cards] or do one of the cryptogram puzzles, or see whats happening on an ARG in the in-between time. Maybe if the whim strikes when I get home I’ll watch another movie with Howard on our brand new Plasma TV, Or play Mirrors Edge that just came in from GameFly on the PS3. OR perhaps I will go back to playing Prince of Persia, or enjoy a night in Chronicles of Spellborn. Maybe, I will give up the thought of all of that and draw.

Whim, Spontaniety, Desires, Enjoyment, Freedom… and a good dose of lack of time. There are so many things in this world to experiance, or try. When and How can you find time to try and enjoy if you spend the vast majority of your time with one activity?


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