My First Post

Hmm.  Well, I joined this little group because I was told that I can post pretty much whatever I want to as long as the powers-that-be don’t catch a lot of backlash from my comments.  YAY!

I’m not going to post the usual.  “Hey!  This is me and this is what I can do!” blog, but rather I want to talk about what happens when stupid people and animals meet.

Why do people get a dog, keep it for a few days,  then decide they don’t want it anymore?  Do they not know that animals need to be fed, walked, played with,  house-trained?  Do they think “Oh, it’s cute!!  Let’s get one and only pay attention to it when we get bored!”   This must be true, evidently, because I now have 3 stray animals who have found their way to my home.  Last week, a weiner dog, Harley (which is now a part of my family).  Today, a couple of chihuahuas apparently got abandoned in the neighborhood and found their way to my bulldog’s water bowl this morning.

Now,  even though I have plenty of space in my home for the extra animals,  I do not have the extra manpower to handle all these animals.  I have done the usual “put and add in the paper,  ask neighbors about the dog”  stuff already,  but  I don’t want to turn these animals into the shelter.

What I’d really like to do is find the idiot who abandoned the animals and choke the living shit out of them.  This would serve many purposes.  First, it would let me exercise my arm and shoulder muscles.  Next, it would be a stress reliever in a violent, but fun way.  Also,  it would serve as an example to others on how to treat animals.  And at the very least,  it would be a source of fodder for the local newspaper staff.

Anyways, unless the dogs (with no ID tags by the way) are actually lost.  I’m sure I’ll never find the people responsible so don’t worry about having to send me bail money after I get arrested for battery.  But please, please,  take a few extra seconds and choke someone who you witness mistreating an animal.  I promise the return on your investment will be ten-fold!


2 thoughts on “My First Post

  1. Sirpoins says:

    XD…I can only promise that if I catch someone in the act, I will be happy to choke them…my shoulder and arm muscles could use some work too.

    My wife is a Vet Tech and sees stuff like this all the time. It’s sad when animals are smarter than humans..

  2. Hey nataS, glad to see you joined the Orange Elephants!

    I think it goes without saying we all agree with your sentiment. My $0.02 for anyone reading this: when you are looking for a pet – and you understand a pet is not something you can drop on the road 2 weeks later – please consider visiting a local veterinarian, or animal shelter.
    There are plenty of stray dogs and cats that have been mistreated and abandoned and need you. It’s a life-vs-death sort of need.

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