some gaming, some reading.

When I sat down to write this blog post, I realized that I had a lot I wanted to write about. So should I have written multiple posts or crunch it all into one? Even while typing this out I’m still not sure which direction I will go. The O-E.Army has a new minion, [NataSuf]. My niece is taking her first unassisted steps (as of yesterday). Greg the traveler should be showing up on our doorstep sooner or later. 42″ Plasma TV’s and PS3’s make for some amazing stuff.

The day we got our new TV we also got our game-fly games in the mail.

Mirrors Edge Occupied me through the tutorial, and then two segments? chapters?. It wasn’t hard to catch on (although knowing where I was or should be going was a bit of an issue at times) and overall the game was a rush. I didn’t stop playing because I didn’t like it. I stopped so I could give [Kreen] and [Howard] a bit of time with the TV or game.

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As it turns out I found 2 things out in quick succession. One, if you try to start a new game in mirrors edge, it seems to want to save over your old ones. So not cool! So they played mine. Which if you must know does make me a bit twitchy. Secondly, I sat down at my computer and realized, hey, the text is sort of bouncing around my screen now. While I didn’t feel sick as I know some people do after playing mirrors edge I did realize there was something funky going on. What would have happened if I had played for 6 hours instead of 2? I don’t know but I think I’d like to find out.

Speaking of games, sadly I have not loaded up Chronicles of Spellborn since the blog post I made about it. I had every intention of playing again, but it seems like first one thing and then another distracted me, and consumed my time. Perhaps it is time to admit that trying to stay focused on any one game is not my thing?

Now I need to find a segway… no, wait. Segway is that funny moving thing you stand on that rolls around and moves you from one place to another. I think I actually meant to say:

Main Entry:
\ˈse-(ˌ)gwā, ˈsā-\
verb imperative
Italian, there follows, from seguire to follow, from Latin sequi — more at sue
circa 1740
1 : proceed to what follows without pause —used as a direction in music
2 : perform the music that follows like that which has preceded —used as a direction in music

Yes I need one of those, but that dictionary entry does not look right to me. I know that it is litterally right, there isn’t really a fault with the word or its definition. But being american (perhaps the british might not) I have heard it used in other ways not pertaining to music at all. Rather, the definition I’d write for it might say “to transition from one topic or theme, to another”. That is after all what I wanted when I started looking for a segue to tie video-games and my above ramblings in to what books I have been reading.

My last book post was back in march, that seems like an awefully long time ago. There are 3 books sitting unread on my shelf right now. [Ill Wind] and [Heat Stroke] both by Rachel Cain, and [Dead Man Rising] by Lilith Saintcrow. Which I know I mentioned I was going to read back in march but it is still on the pile of to-reads. Whats worse, is that right now I am clawing my eyes out waiting for some other books to be released in paperback (or find someone to loan them to me) before I read them.

In Overdue (which in case you don’t realize was the title of my last post about books) I mentioned I had just finished reading [Lover Eternal] by J. R. Ward. Turns out I really like Ward’s books and her style of writing. Even with as many characters she has bouncing around, I have never gotten confused, distratced, or disoriented. In fact everything feels cohesive, like you are simply a watcher with a remote control that you flick occassionally to see whats happening on other stations, with other characters. It did take me a few books to get used to the abreviations, slang, and other social nuances but seriously. The books are a good deal. Get them. Read them. Nuff said?

Black Dagger Brotherhood: [Dark Lover]:Wrath, [Lover Eternal]:Rhage, [Lover Awakened]Zsadist, [Lover Revealed]… I have a confession to make, I accidently skipped Lover Revealed. Poor Butch, by the time I realized I had skipped him I was already deep in the story with Vishous! At which point it seemed sensless to stop and go back, There is something I am thankful for though. While I now know vaugly what has happened to Butch in [Lover Revealed] rather than turning me off on reading about him. I got switched on, I need to read about Butch because I know these little tidbits that are making me die to read the rest.

If I can I will pick it up today, but at the time I continued on with [Lover Unbound]:Vishous and [Lover Enshrined]:Phury Now I need to take a deep breath and tell you all…

Please, don’t make the mistake I did months and months ago. Looking at the titles and covers you see what should come off as pure romancy stuff. Which it certainly does, and it has steam like you wouldn’t believe. Yes, it has vampires in a way you aren’t used to or familiar with. It was something I struggled with for a long time the thought “Isn’t Vampire overdone yet?” No, its not. Well maybe it is in some cases, but if you feel that way then pretend I never said the words vampire, or romance in the same sentance.

I may not have realized it when I read the first three books… I may not have wanted to realize it, or maybe it was more that the ones which strike closer to home are in the latter books. These characters, might as well be as real as you and me. They aren’t perfect, they suffer, they have issues. The book that brought this to my attention and hit closest to home for me, is [Lover Enshrined]. Phury, is a drug addict. On a long hard road to hell, for reasons all his own. This might seem contrite in some ways, or constructed, or fabricated. I don’t know I have never been an addict myself. I have however been in the very hard soled shoes of the rest of the brother-hood. Watching someone they love destory themselves bit by bit.

It was well written.


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