This house is a zoo!

Right, then.. so, since last time we ‘talked’, we acquired a new kitten. He (we’re all sort of referring to it as a male, but the veterinarian jury is still out and reserves the right to change his gender to female in the near future if needed) was found at a road crossing by a coworker that brought him to work seeking a new home. He is evidently a smart kitty, since he saw my girlfriend, grabbed her and cried *MOM !*, which implied we were going to be his new home.

He seems very comfortable around people so we don’t think he was feral (which begs the question: who the heck would get rid of a month old kitten? Criminals!). The vet found him healthy. We have not decided on a name yet (partly because he might turn out to be a she). My initial thoughts were…

Well, first enjoy some pictures on this album I just uploaded.

Now you might appreciate my initial thoughts on his name better: Coal, Carbon Fiber and Darth Vader. Yeah, we agreed to keep on looking for better names :)

You might also notice the last two pictures in that album, which were taken the day after we brought the new kitten home, when I was mowing the lawn and we found 3 or 4 furry hopping things hiding in a hole in our yard. Am I supposed to know the difference between rabbits and hares? Good, ’cause I don’t. We put them back in their hole and today they seemed to have moved on (sigh). On the plus side I don’t have to find 3 or 4 more names.

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