The Traveler, Surfing by Bike.

Gozer goes by many names, such as: Gozer the Gozerian, Gozer the Destructor, Volguus Zildrohar, and Gozer the Traveler.

Weeks ago I was contacted via CouchSurfer asking if I’d be willing to lend a couch as a stop on a cross-country biking expedition…

And So, I Depart
The challenge: to bike from the Atlantic to the Pacific, getting one-day jobs to support myself along the way.

The Traveler: Greg. AKA Gozer the Traveler.

The Traveler: Greg. AKA Gozer the Traveler.

Of course I (and Howard) said yes. As the date of his arrival grew closer and came down to mere days I started to use twitter to keep people who knew he was coming up-dated. “The Traveler is in X he should be here X…” That’s paraphrased by the way, but I did call him “the Traveler” at which point Howard began on the whole “Gozer the Traveler, Gozer the Destroyer” thing (Ghostbusters if you really need to be told… I did.)

Greg arrived on a Wednesday evening, and by Friday had his paperwork settled for LaborReady. Just one problem, well several really. It was Memorial-day weekend. So no work on Monday, and sadly they had no work for him all the way through Thursday. His bike was still in the shop as well (a few minute job stuck in line), which coincided with a rainstorm decided it was going to threaten the sun, and the stay was extended up until this past Sunday.

All in all it was a wonderful week-and-a-half, on my end at least. I’m sure it would be been better if there had actually been work to DO, but there wasn’t much I or anyone could do about that. So lets see, we played Dice (aka ‘farkle’), Scrabble, Risk… Howard and I spent time playing Video games and reading while Greg chilled out with the laptop. We watched some TV (True Blood, Dexter, ect…).

We killed Howard (who insisted on running) by taking the bikes (mine and greg’s) up to Mojo’s for coffee’s on friday before dropping his off at the bike shop. On Saturday we traveled out to Sylvan Beach on Oneida Lake. The water was cold, but we had dinner at Eddies which was good and the sun was nice and warm. I forced a pit-stop at a “craft market” in Sylvan and found my intuition to stop was right, they had for sale a wonderful black and white scarf with guess what else on it? You got it, Orange Elephants.

On the way back we stopped at the mall and Daniel (who works at hot-topics and shares my love of irish-things) sold me on a band called Eltiveitie (they aren’t actually celtic at all but it sounds damn good). Greg got a new pair of aviator sunglasses.

At some point we went out to Voss’s for dinner, and we went to Symeons for another dinner. But I did my best to cook at home most of the time. I also managed to rope Greg and Howard into painting my kitchen orange. It didn’t take them terribly long and I made Guinness Stew as a thank you. Then Saturday I snagged them into Garage Sailing, my mission: To find chairs for my front poarch. I failed miserable but ended up with some other intresting fragments which I’ll get around to rambling about soon enough.


In the meantime sunday rolled around and Greg got all packed up. He waved, and got rolling, then… in a moment of absolute jaw-dropped hilarity, hit a bump and his whole stash of gear on the bike-rack slid down to his tire as the rack itself (held by nothing more than friction as we later found out) slid-free. Sorry Greg I didn’t mean to laugh honest! But seriously after hearing about some of the mis-haps he’s had on this trip I thought he would finally have a decent stay. My cats did their worst to kill his plastic bags, and warm his feet… but nothing got destroyed. No wait, a water-bottle? Somehow? Oh and he forgot his Pink….. yes pink, pepper-spray given to him earlier in the trip. It was jokingly called a pink vibrator. I wish He hadn’t forgotten it, the silly thing might come in handy someday.

And now for some pictures.



2 thoughts on “The Traveler, Surfing by Bike.

  1. Wow, I look like a serial killer in that face shot. Or maybe it’s just the low resolution on my phone.

  2. Absolutely amazing. Thanks for sharing the story, and linking to Greg’s site; I’ll be following his posts I think. On top of that, I know have a better context for Howard’s references to Gozer online :)

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