Picnic Planning

News Flash: Yes, I ate all the grapes.
Proctor Park on Sunday June 21st approx. Noon.

It all started the Saturday before Greg the Traveler left Utica… Howard turned to me after the long seemingly endless day of garage sailing and said “I want to go on a picnic. The kind where you just put out a blanket, eat some food and read a book. Or walk around.” Well it was a bit too late in the day to go home and dig up food and get to an open grassy area before the sun went down.

So we decided to plan a picnic (as much as a picnic can be planned.) and me being me was inspired by an article in ReadyMade with pictures of all this wonderful food set out on colorful scarves and tapestry’s. Hey wait, I have stuff like that! I can make Picnic Food! I can bring a pillow, a frizby, and a hacky sac and lounge around in the sun at a park all day.

Then at 4pm yesterday we get a text message “going to picnic in X, care to join?” I would have loved to go but,
Of course… Last minute on a Wednesday (when I have Aikido) just isn’t something I can do… So we’re going forth with our planned picnic.

If anyone cares to join us (Myself and Howard) we’ll be at Proctor Park on Sunday June 21st approx. Noon. Let me know if you think you’ll be there! :) Bringeth your own-foodages!


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