Picnic Planning Oops

I Had an Ooops moment this morning upon discovering that June 21st the nice lonely Sunday I’d picked for a picnic is in fact… Fathers day. This is the second time I’ve managed to accidentally pick a “semi-holiday” to gather. Rather than let it stand (since I think my mother had something planned.) I will go ahead and say…

THIS SUNDAY! Yay… Yes, that’s right… I’ll be at the park THIS sunday. June 13th, Noonish, if all goes semi-well…

I know I know, kick me later It’s not a whole lot of time but truthfully I want to go picnic with or without other people… I have father’s day the 21st, Followed by a weekend at the very end of the month (always a bad sign) Which is followed by 4th of July Weekend, Then Family Reunion Weekend, Then ??? I think I have a weekend to myself, then its Irish Fest Weekend… Get the point?


One thought on “Picnic Planning Oops

  1. fallenaphrodite says:

    i am free either sunday (as far as i know).
    do not forget 4th of July weekend = my birthday! i know you are good at forgetting such things :P

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