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So last week Reality came up with a lovely theme she asked me to blog about biweekly, this is not it. I figure if I have one biweekly blog I can not leave those other weeks feeling unloved. Something I have always enjoyed is finding new music to share with my friends, so why not share it with those that are awesome enough to come read this blog. To give you an idea of my personal music collection:

  • 15,000 some odd mp3s (and always growing)
  • over 2,000 CDs (yes quite a pain when I move)
  • a few hundred cassettes
  • a few hundred vinyl
  • 100 or so 8-tracks (yes, I even have a working 8-track player)

There is not much I do not listen to, but country and bad rap are not often found unless placed into my mp3 collection by other individuals. Anyway back to the subject at hand, every other week I will be writing about a few artists/bands you probably have never heard of (or may have heard and just had no clue who they were) and pointing you in the correct direction to go take a listen for yourselves.

The Fire And Reason

The Fire And Reason

The Fire And Reason

When the time came to vote for the music award for the NewNowNext Awards I went and listened to all the nominees. I found myself going back to keep listening to the band I voted for, The Fire And Reason. The beats used in their music is simply infectious, as are the lead singers vocals. Listed as Rock/Electronica/Alternative however described as “shut up and dance” and that has been just the reaction for those I have played their music for. If you are a sucker like me for synths combined with electric guitars I highly suggest taking a listen. Also if you missed the NewNowNext Awards this past week The Fire And Reason went home with the music award.




In the finale of The L Word when many lesbians were drawn into the sex scene between Helena and Dylan, I was more taken with the song that kicked in and was blasting from my television. So in standard fashion I went hunting. A few hours later I discovered Kerli, a singer from the country of Estonia. The song that grabbed me within less than 10 seconds Love is Dead is sadly not on her myspace and is mislabeled (it is actually Walking on Air). I went and tracked down the album and was blown away. Each track creates a completely new musical landscape from the previous and at times I could not believe it was all the same artist. Pairing this with a unique voice has made this the best album I have heard from a major label artist in 2009 (I will be shocked if I think any differently by years end).




char2d2 came to my attention via twitter. Tegan (of Tegan and Sara) mentioned an up and coming artist that she was going to be working with, so I promptly went and took a listen and started following the lovely char2d2 via twitter. If you like Tegan and Sara I guarantee you will fall head over heels for char2d2. Earlier this week the long awaited EP Small Vampires was released and I am finding myself getting quite addicted already. When you listen the tracks on myspace you might notice some random conversations, here is the reason why:

So, if you have listened to the new songs on the myspace player, you may have noticed funny conversations in the songs.  These are the songs own special birthmarks…some surgery was done to the songs and if you wish to hear the songs sans funny conversation, please, please purchase the tunes.  This will help us to come to you.  I want to come visit you…all of you…please help me to be a travelling gypsy, but not really a gypsy…a touring musician who comes to you, plays you music, and gathers stories to make more music that makes you feel____(you fill in the blank).

Since I personally want to see char2d2 live I will be purchasing my copy next week. Every summer I have an album that captures it forever in my mind, Small Vampires is already that album for this summer. Show your love for indie artists and do yourself a favor at the same time and purchase this album.

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