Michael Jackson Died… Who Cares?

As the whole world knows by now… Michael Jackson is dead. This seems to be the topic of conversation everywhere I turn, which is great in and of itself. The thing that bothers me is why people are mourning?

This guy admittedly let young children sleep in bed with him and tries to defend it. Don’t misquote me here. I did not say that he had inappropriate sexual contact. But does it matter? This guy was sick. Anyone who cannot make the connection that it is not appropriate for small children that are not of your own bloodline to sleep with you….. well, I’m speechless.

We should not be mourning his death. I’m not suggesting we should celebrate, but I’m sure that parents around the world will breathe a sigh of relief that he can no longer possibly harm any other minor children.

A final thought on the subject… Does being really good at music give you a universal excuse to live a deviant lifestyle which destroys young lives?


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