Draculatron: glow in the dark mayhem

So I have wrote, rewrote, and rewrote this blog post several times. Honestly I believe I can not verbally give justice to the amazing talent that is Draculatron. Luckily for me as well as you, [Reality] filmed a couple songs from a show.

There are few bands that bring so much to their live performance – between the energy from the band, the dancers, lights, and the always unique attire – I find it to be best put as satisfyingly overwhelming. With a combination of electronic drumbeats, synths, and driving distorted guitars it allows Draculatron to transcend genre labels and appeal to a vast audience. I could go on about what I adore about the individual members, however I feel it is just best to let everyone watch the videos and/or go listen to their music. (However if you really want to know, come to a show and ask me!)

Fire On The Open Market

Since I find I am rarely on the fence with what I think of bands, I invited a friend to go to a show with me to get her thoughts. She went into the show never having heard Draculatron and I had given her no idea what she would be hearing, after a few songs I asked her what she thought. Her response, “I am in love”.

As many independent musicians know, one of the largest hurdles is getting people to actively come see you live. I believe it truly speaks to the talent of Draculatron how the audiences at shows just seems to keep growing. There are plenty of chances to partake in the glow in the dark mayhem leading up to the release of the next album:

July 24th – 8:00pm @ The Electric Company – Utica, NY
July 31st – 8:00pm @ The Tramontane – Utica, NY
August 28th & 29th – 8:00pm @ The Stone Mill – Little Falls, NY
September 12th 11:30pm @ The Tramontane – Utica, NY

Glass Kingdoms

Currently Draculatron is recording their next album HYPNOGAGA, which I personally can not wait for! Those that made their way to the July 10th show were treated to the song The Fall off of the upcoming album. Anthony also stated that the band will be sharing new songs live leading up to the release of HYPNOGAGA in September. However in the meantime if you do not have The Uncanny Valley and WE ARE DEAD OCEAN I am going to be ever so helpful and point you in the correct direction:

DRACULATRON: We Are Dead Ocean
DRACULATRON: The Uncanny Valley

Both albums are also available on ITunes.

It is rare that I say this, but I also hear others say it at shows, that it is only a matter of time until this band explodes into the public eye.

Places you can find Draculatron on the internet:



One thought on “Draculatron: glow in the dark mayhem

  1. Greg says:

    If I haven’t said it before, thanks to you and reality for taking me out to see them back in the day.

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