project :: through my eyes

Nine times out of ten when someone uploads pictures to the internet they are in them. I have decided for at least the next 365 days to take my camera everywhere with me and post at least one picture a day that is from my perspective. There might be a couple I post that appear in, but do not count on seeing many. My goal is simply to tell the story of a year in pictures through my eyes. I am not sure if I will be posting the pictures on Orange Elephants every day or if I will be doing a weekly update. However I will be posting daily at my blog: Fallen Aphrodite.

day 1 – this is a god damn zero romance

07.24.09 Draculatron

07.24.09 Draculatron

07.28.09 shiraz & Djarum

07.28.09 shiraz & Djarum


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